The Acinaces (plural Acinaci) is a curved short sword used by some Dimachaerus gladiators.


A single-edged sword with a backwards-curving blade that suited to both slashing and stabbing.

In HistoryEdit

Arguably Scythian or Median in origin, the acinaces was most famously used by the Persians of the first millennium BC, as well as the Parthians and later the Greeks.

It was sometimes used in pairs by Roman Dimachaerii gladiators, where its short size and curved blade allowed for flurries of fast, slashing strikes.

On ScreenEdit

When Spartacus begins fighting as a Dimachaerus (as of the episode Great and Unfortunate Things), he uses two acinaci instead of the two gladii that Gannicus carried as the same class.

Spartacus notably uses his paired acinaci to disembowel and behead Solonius (in Revelations).

Users of this WeaponEdit


  • While some sources identify the acinaces as a curved sword resembling a shorter scimitar (as portrayed in the show), many historians believe the name actually belongs to a smaller curved thrusting dagger that was given as gifts of favor by Persian kings.

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