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  • Finish the motion comics
  • Make sure all comic character have complete articles
  • Fill in character synopses and plot outlines.
  • Fill in Episode Synopses.
  • Update character quotes:
    • Find references for each.
    • Decide on specific format (add to Official Policy next to referencing style) and update all pages.
  • Improve character portraits on existing pages.
  • Create Cast & Crew article.
  • Writers
  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Cast list
  • Add external links
  • Fix any broken links.
    • Remove red-links by removing unneeded ones and creating wanted articles.
  • Reference all articles.
    • Go though character articles to confirm their "active state" is correct.
  • Go through category's and manage the ones we do and do not need.
    • Find proper names for the battles and events.
    • Make sure events are finished while we are at it.
  • Add character portraits to all pages.
  • Fill in Season Summaries.
  • Fill in Episode Summaries.
  • Fix character articles that still use Spartacus Wiki:Character Template.
  • Add "Deceased" categories to recently killed characters.
  • Create Request for Adminship guidelines.
  • Create custom "Forum:Index" page.
  • Merge Season 1 and Spartacus: Blood and Sand pages. Includes links to episode lists. Locate any pages that are linked to either of these and correct broken links. Create redirects if necessary.
  • Finish Template:Characters
  • Decide if all unused images are should be deleted.
  • The Category "Video Games" and the Category "Board Game" will be merged into "Games" as per Cconsensus
  • Info from the Spartacus books will be added to articles per consensus.
    • We must find a way to do this.
  • As per Consensus, we must find a way to shorten size of the articles, yet keep integrity.

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