Ande Cunningham
Ande Cunningham
Birthdate December 1, 1983
Birthplace Australia
Character Duro
IMDB profile
Ande Cunningham is an actor who plays Duro in Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Ande Cunningham as Duro.

Personal lifeEdit

Ande is a very private soul. He's performed several short pieces and is very artistically inclined.

During the Spartacus: Blood and Sand boot camp, he tore his biceps, making him walk around like a T-Rex for some time, since he couldn't straighten his arms.[1]

Ande likes the work of Hungarian film director Béla Tarr.[2]

He finds Australian spiders scary.[2]

He is somewhat active on Instagram.


  • 2006: The Bridge (short) - Niko
  • 2009: Ipso facto (short) - The Artist
  • 2010: Team Australia (short) - Richie (acting); producer.
  • 2010: Spartacus: Blood and Sand (TV series) - Duro
  • 2010: The Filmmaker (short) - Dude
  • 2013: Home and Away, ep. 1.5672 (TV series) - Gavin MacIntosh
  • 2013: Progeny (TV movie) - Dr. Henry Dakin
  • 2013: Packed to the Rafters, s6e2 (TV series) - Marco
  • 2013: Backyard Ashes - Harold
  • 2013: I Want You (short)
  • 2014: Raker (short) - writer, musician and director.
  • 2014: The Animal Condition (documentary) - musician, producer, camera assistant, composer and sound recorder.
  • 2015: True Crime: Venus and Mars (TV movie) - Brent Garner
  • 2016: Oranges Don't Grow on Trees (short) - writer, musician, director and production designer.
  • 2016: Bombshell - Fernando Pereira
  • 2017: Picture Wheel (short) - co-producer

Ande Cunningham is a part of the production company Five Lip Films.

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