First appearance S1E04: The Thing in the Pit
Last appearance S1E04: The Thing in the Pit
Profession Announcer
Race Egyptian
Relationships Ixion (Pit Fighter, deceased)
Myrmex (Pit Fighter, deceased)
Mytilus (Pit Fighter, deceased)
Status Unknown (presumed active)
Actor/Actress Marcus Johnson

Anubis serves as the announcer of fights in The Pit.


Anubis is a tall, dark-skinned man who is typically adorned in a decorative outfit of what appears to be armor which is comparable to a more of an Egyptian style.


Anubis is the announcer of The Pit, and therefore stirs the crowd with blood and speech, showing himself as a skilled orater. Like the crowd, he revels in the lawless, dishonourable battles and uses it to amass himself much wealth.

Blood and SandEdit

Anubis is first seen announcing that Ixion won his fight against Kerza, thus alerting Spartacus of Kerza's death.

He later introduces Myrmex and Spartacus to the crowd before their fight and gives them the opportunity to draw for weapons. Anubis seems to enjoy his occupation as he is very energetic and brisk when it comes to introducing the fighters, announcing the victor and other duties required of him.

After the events of the pits, the fate of Anubis is unknown.

Video GamesEdit

  • In the Spartacus: Blood and Sand iPhone game, one of the playable characters is a gladiator called Myrmex. However, the video game character is physically modeled after Anubis and his background makes it clear that the character is intended to be the announcer. His weapon in the game is a giant hammer.
  • Anubis' background in the game is given as: "Former gladiator turned Pits Overseer", It is unknown how he earned that title.


  • Marcus Johnson, the actor who plays Anubis is 185cm tall.
  • Anubis is always surrounded by guards from all sides due to the unstable nature of The Pit.
  • Anubis mentions the possibility of drawing no weapon, but this doesn't occur once (although Kerza is seen as unarmed when Ixion kills him, he more likely has lost his weapon during the fight).
  • He seems to give the same speech every time when opponents are about to be armed with weapons.
  • The objects that have the weapon names written on them seem to be human skull fragments.
  • Anubis, like his Mythical namesake, appears to own The Pit and the Underground business.
  • Anubis may be a Nubian by descent, an ethnic group which has inhabited southern Egypt as early the Middle Kingdom era (2050-1650 BCE) down to the modern era. Anubis may have come from one of the important towns in Upper (southern) Egypt near the border with Nubia (northern Sudan) such as Elephantine of Swenett (modern Aswan).


(To the crowd) Anubis: What weapons shall the gods bless them with (pause) or curse them with empty hand?"[1]


  1. Spartacus Blood and Sand Season1; Episode4

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