Assault on the MinesSkirmish at Atella

Assault on the Mines


Skirmish at Atella

Assault on Capua Arena

Rebels vs. Capua Gladiators and Army of Gaius Claudius Glaber


73 BCE




Rebel Victory






Several Roman Soldiers
4 Gladiators



4 Gladiators
Several Roman Soldiers


 The Assault on the Capua Amphitheatre was a planned attack on the arena in Capua by the Rebel's led by Spartacus. The assault took place in the episode Libertus.



The forces of Praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber had managed to ambush a band of Rebels led by Spartacus and Crixus. The forces of Glaber were led by his tribune Marcus and aided by the Syrian, Ashur. Although Spartacus and a host of Rebels managed to escape, several were killed and resulted in the capture of three, Crixus, Rhaskos and Acer. In Capua the Praetor, Publius Varinius, holds a series of games in order to help the populance become distracted from the Rebel's actions. The captured Rebels, along with an earlier captured Oenomaus, are to be executed ad gladium in the arena in the conclusion of Varinius' games. Acer, however, is tortured and killed the night before.

Spartacus and what remains of his surviving group regroup with the rest of the Rebels, who were led by Agron and Donar who were moving to Vesuvius. After discovering sanctuary at a Temple owned by the Roman outcast, Lucius Caelius, the Rebels discover safety but also hear of the coming games where their comrades are to be killed. Spartacus sees an oppurtunity here to both save their friends and send a message to the Republic.

For the execution to be a spectacle, Mercato, who is charged with procuring the gladiators, sends invitation to the freedman Gannicus to lead the executions. The former champion agrees in order to give his former brothers an honourable end.

Gladiator Bouts and Rebel's Move

A day of blood and glory occurs during the day of the Games. Several gladiators of note such as the Hoplomachus, Masonius and the Samnite, Mycter, prove to be a grand spectatle and earn a place among a group of 6 to be led by Gannicus in the execution match against Oenomaus, Crixus and Rhaskos.

As this goes on Spartacus and group of his Rebels sneak into the arena's underbelly through the sewage. Spartacus and Agron disguise as Romans in order to gain access to the arena while the rest of the Rebels, under Mira and Donar, lead in setting the Arena ablaze.

The Primus

Gannicus and the gladiators meet with captured Rebel's, all three put at a disadvantage by being chained

Gannicus vs. Oenomaus.

and given dull swords. Gannicus and Oenomaus talk of what really went on with Melitta and after a hesitated answer from Gannicus, Oenomaus engages him, starting the fight.

Gannicus and Oenomaus face one another one-on-one, both proving to be an equal for one another despite Oenomaus' injuries and constraints. Oenomaus manages to knock Gannicus down and prepares to strike at him until Masonius appears and stops him. Gannicus, however, regains footing and knocks him aside, wanting to face Oenomaus alone. 

Crixus and Rhaskos fight valiantly against their opponents. As a former champion, Crixus' skill allows him to hold his own and even kill one of the gladiators while Rhaskos, a veteran gladiator, shows great skill in his own right. Crixus locks in a struggle of strength with a Secutor and his axe. He turns to see Rhaskos surrounded. A Retiarius catched Rhaskos with his net and impales him with his spear, and Mycter appears behind to execute him. Filled with rage over the death of his close friend, Crixus quickly takes the Secutor down and takes down another gladiator, but now finds himself at an impossible 5-1 odds. 

Gannicus and Oenomaus continue their fight and now Gannicus has gained the upper hand. He takes Oenomaus down and points his sword at his friend. Gannicus then reveals his true intentions, to send Oenomaus to Melitta, but just as he is about to do so the Arena begins to fall as the Rebels have managed to set the Arena on fire. This begins to kill hundreds of Romans as the Arena collapses. Gannicus looks up to see the beams falling upon him, but he covers himself and also a now unconcious Oenomaus.


With the plan now in action, Spartacus and Agron reveal themselves and enter the combat. Agron dispatches the Romans while Spartacus moves to aid Crixus against the other gladiators. Spartacus slays both Masonius and Mycter, while Crixus takes advantage of the situation. Salvius, one of Glaber's commanders, spots Spartacus and engages him but the Rebel Leader knocks him unconcious.

Roman citizens attempt to flee while most fall due to the Arena collapsing around them. In the Pulvinus, the Roman nobles attemtp to escape. Glaber is among them and looks down in the Arena and spots Spartacus. The two lock eyes and Spartacus grabs a nearby spear and throws it at his archenemy. Glaber, however, dodges the spear and it instead kills the Roman noble, Cossutius.
Cossutius death

Cossutius death by Spartacus.

Agron approaches Spartacus, telling him they have to leave. Crixus retorts that they must first find Oenomaus. Spartacus and Agron then discover Gannicus standing over the unconcious Oenomaus. He holds up his swords in defence until Crixus arrives. Filled with guilt and seeing Crixus, Gannicus throws his swords down and then demands help to get Oenomaus out. Spartacus turns to see the Arena completely falling a part. The Rebel's make their way back to the sewage and escaped. The Arena they once fought in now a part of their past turned to ashes.


The assault saw with it the death of hundreds of Romans, including those of note such as the Senator Albinius, the Aedile, Mercato, and noble Cossutius. Varinius takes leave from the city back to Rome while Glaber mobilizes his troops and enters in negotations with the noble, Seppius to combine forces to face Spartacus as one.

The Rebels return to their sanctuary victorious and have now proven that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with. 

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