Skirmish in the Capua MarketplaceAssault on the Capua Amphitheatre

Skirmish in the Capua Marketplace


Assault on the Capua Amphitheatre

Assault on the Mines
Attack on the Mines

Rebels vs. Army of Gaius Claudius Glaber


73 BCE


Mines of Lucania / Shadow of Vesuvius


Loss on Both Sides
Crixus, Rhaskos and Acer Captured





Several Gaul Rebels

Several Roman Soldiers


All Gaul Rebels

Several Roman Soldiers


The Assault on the Mines was a planned attack by Spartacus and Crixus on the Mines of Lucania in hopes to discovering Naevia. The forces of the Praetor, Gaius Claudius Glaber, gained information of the mines being a destination point for the Rebels and thus a skirmish occurred as a result. The attack took place in The Greater Good and the resulting conflict concluded in Empty Hands.


The Rebels split-up after inner conflict comes between them. Spartacus and Crixus make plans to rescue Naevia from the Mines of Lucania. They take with them Mira, Nasir, the Gaulic gladiators andCrixus' followers while the remaining gladiators and slaves are led by Agron and Donar to find sanctuary within Mount Vesuvius. Spartacus and Crixus group successfully disguise themselves as slavers in hopes of gaining access to the mines.

Oenomaus has been captured by Ashur and put through agonizing torture. With words from Lucretia, Ashur manages to discover the Rebel's intent on going to the Mines to find Naevia. He brings this news to Gaius Claudius Glaber who is, at first, angered as the news is more indicating towards Crixus and not Spartacus, but Lucretia's council gives him cause to act. Glaber sends his Tribune, Marcus along with Ashur and a host of soldiers towards the Mines.


Having been to the Mines before, Nasir takes lead as the head slaver in order to help the Rebel's gain access to the mines. When Nasir and the Mine's operator get into argument, Spartacus steps forward to abandon the plan but Mira takes a more subtle approach and offers herself to the Roman. He takes her to his chamber, but she brandishes a knife and threatens him to reveal the location of Naevia. He does so and shows Mira the Mine's map. He attempts to take advantage of Mira's glance at the map to attack her but she repels him and manages to kill him. 

Meanwhile, Spartacus is recognized by one of the slaver's thus causing him and his men to reveal themselves and kill the guards in the area. Mira reunites with them and tells them that Naevia is alive. Spartacus assigns Mannus and Plenus to take mantle as a couple of guards to distract any others. The Rebels then make their way into the Mines. Spartacus sees, in horror, how the slaves are treated and expresses desire to free them but Crixus tells them that they cannot now. Spartacus vows to return to them upon a day.

Marcus and the forces of Glaber soon arrive, however. Marcus speaks with Mannus and asks if the Mines have been breached which Mannus denies. Marcus, frustrated, turns to Salvius for him to make return to Capua, but Ashur quickly acts, having recognized his former brothers, and swiftly kills Mannus and Plenus. Marcus demands explanation to which Ashur reveals who they are. Marcus discovers the Mark of Batiatus upon their forearms, thus confirming Ashur's statement.

Skirmish in the MinesEdit

Nasir discovers Naevia and thus Crixus and his lover and finally reunited. The joyous moment is diminished, however, as Vitus appears having spotted Roman soldiers. Just as he reports to Spartacus, however, he is stabbed from behind by Marcus. Spartacus alerts the others and so the Rebel's begin to make their escape.

During this time many of the Gaulic gladiators are slain by the Roman soldiers, but the Rebel's continue their escape. Crixus also spots Ashur and angrily shouts out his name to which then it becomes apparant to the Rebel's that their misfortune is caused by their former brother. The Rebel's discover a gate to which they manage to get on the other side of. Crixus, however, opts to stay behind to give them time having Spartacus swear to save Naevia and leave him. Spartacus complies and makes escape with Mira, Naevia, Nasir, Liscus, Fortis, Sophus and Tychos while Crixus fights off multiple Romans. 

Coming to Crixus' aid is Rhaskos and Acer, however, the Roman numbers prove to great and so the two are captured while Crixus is knocked unconcious by Ashur.

Skirmish in the WoodsEdit

The Rebel's make their move south in hopes of rejoining Agron and Donar's group at Vesuvius, but they are being pursuied by scores of Roman soldiers under Marcus and Ashur's direction.

One host of Roman soldiers find the Rebel's due to a freightened Naevia. This results in the former gladiators taking up arms and slaying all the Romans, yet at the cost of one of their own, Tychos. Liscus wants to bury their fallen brother's body but an approaching host of Romans prevents it, forcing the Rebels to continue forward.

Marcus and Ashur find the body of Tychos and have it hanged in the forest as a warning. Ashur tries to advise Marcus that gladiators are far superior combatants than Roman soldiers and that they shouldn't be as spread out as they are but Marcus does not heed him and instead threatens to kill him should he try to break his charge.

Another wave of Romans attack the Rebel group during their time of rest. This results in Sophus falling and Nasir suffering a grievous wound while defending Mira. Liscus and Fortis express desire to leave the others but Spartacus instead sends them forward to find Agron.

After cauturizing Nasir's wound, Spartacus serves as the sole defender until they regroup with Liscus who has lost Fortis during another fight with Romans. This time, a larger group of Romans, led by Marcus and Ashur, attack the Rebels. Spartacus and Liscus fight valiantly, killing many of the Romans. Liscus is then stabbed in the back by Ashur, while Spartacus simultaneously defeats and injures Marcus. Ashur uses the other Roman soldiers fight Spartacus as a distraction to get himself and Marcus away. 

Spartacus slays the remaining Romans and continues on with Nasir, Naevia and Mira while Ashur murders Marcus in order to force a retreat, knowing full well he cannot take Spartacus on. This ends the conflict as the Romans return to Capua while Spartacus and the others move to Vesuvius.


Salvius returns to Capua with the captured Crixus, Rhaskos, and Acer, who are to be executed for their crimes alongside Oenomaus. Glaber, however, is disappointed by Spartacus' escape.

Following the conflict in the forest, Ashur returns with the soldiers and the fallen Marcus. Glaber is angered by his friend's death and holds Ashur to blame, sentencing him to imprisonment.

Spartacus, Mira, Naevia and Nasir eventually are found by Agron and Donar's group. Happily reunited, the group continues to Vesuvius, where they discover a temple to be used as their sanctuary and base of operations as well as an unlikely and useful ally.

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