First appearance S0E02: Missio (mentioned)
Last appearance S0E02: Missio (mentioned)
Profession Unknown
Race Roman
Relationships Quintilius Varus
Status Unknown (presumed active)
Actor/Actress None
Atticus is a Roman nobleman hailing from the city of Rome.

Character OutlineEdit

He was mentioned as having hosted a "sober airless affair' the last time that Varus and Gaia had seen each other. Atticus was described as a "desiccated specimen."


  • The name Atticus is of Greek origin, which means "man from Attica", which is a region in eastern Greece where the city-state of Athens is located.
  • Atticus may be based on the historical Titus Pomponius Atticus (112-32 BCE), a Roman of Equestrian status, who was a philosopher, moneylender and Editor of the games. The last name was a nickname, as Atticus was a known Hellenophile who had a residence in Athens as well as Rome. He was a personal friend of the Senator Marcus Tullius Cicero.

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