First appearance S0E01: Past Transgressions
Last appearance S0E03: Paterfamilias
Profession Gladiator (House of Batiatus)
Race Greek
Relationships Barca (Lover, deceased)
Gannicus (Friend, deceased)
Ulpius (Doctore, deceased)
Oenomaus (Friend/Doctore, deceased)
Leviticus (Friend)
Status Deceased (Killed by Crixus)
Actor/Actress Josef Brown
Auctus is a gladiator in Batiatus' Ludus and former lover of Barca. He appears exclusively in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.


Auctus was tall and pale-skinned, though not nearly as tall as Barca. He has short black hair, an athletic-muscular build, and fights in the style of Hoplomachus.


While he is cold towards new recruits, Auctus frequently displays a gentler side with regards to his relationship with Barca. He and Barca both take care of pigeons that live with them in the ludus, although the pets are actually Auctus'.

Combat ProwessEdit

Auctus demonstrates great skill with a spear in the arena, making him a talented hoplomachus. Titus acknowledges Auctus as one of the most highly skilled gladiators in the ludus.[1] Ruthless and cunning in battle, Auctus proves himself one of the most skilled fighters in Batiatus' ludus.

Gods of the ArenaEdit

Auctus is a gladiator within the ludus. Recognized as a veteran in the ludus, he constantly berates and harasses the recruits with his lover, Barca.

Auctus with his helmet.

 The two lovers hold mutual care for each other and their pet birds.

After constantly insulting Ashur and Dagan, the Syrians kill and eat some of the birds which causes a major brawl in the ludus. Despite his berating of the Syrian's he gains respect for Crixus, but still does not view him as a true brother since he did not earn the mark through the test, the main reason he, Barca and the other gladiators do not view Ashur and Dagan as true brothers.


Auctus is slain by Crixus.

He is set to fight Crixus in the arena, but is angered by it since Crixus had not earned the mark. Since Auctus is a veteran gladiator, he is favored and the determined victor in the fight. During their battle, Auctus has the upper hand and quickly forces Crixus to the ground. Crixus, however, manages to turn the fight around by depriving Auctus of his spear and afterwards manages to slay Auctus. His final moments were of congratulating Crixus on his victory and stating that Barca has trained him well.

After his death, Barca is left distraught and alone, but eventually he and Crixus form a great friendship after Crixus tells Barca that Auctus was the first person he killed and will never be forgotten.


  • Josef Brown, the actor who played Auctus, is 187cm (6' 1½) tall.
  • Josef Brown is also a professional dancer. As a result, Auctus is presented as easily one of the most agile gladiators on the show.
  • Auctus was considered to be a highly skilled gladiator and one of the best, a personal favorite of Titus Batiatus. Titus even states that he would prefer if Auctus were known as champion, rather than Gannicus.
  • The necklace he wears is an Hellenistic choke collar. This could mean that Auctus came from South Eastern Europe as a slave. His official homeland is unknown, however he likely hails from a tribe that lived near or in Greece.
  • The First Mithridatic War (89-85 BCE), a conflict which occurred some years before the events of Gods of the Arena (early 70's BCE) and with much of the warfare occurring in Greece, may possibly be the backstory for Auctus' enslavement and presence in the ludus of Batiatus.
  • After Crixus kills him, Crixus joins the brotherhood and rises to the position of champion in the ludus.
  • Crixus mentions that Auctus is the first person he has killed.
  • Auctus is a Latin word, meaning 'large'. It may very likely be a nickname, as well as the name of a Roman gens, the plebeian gens of Cocceia.


"The Gaul winces from spear, as he would from my cock."

(To Ashur): "A fucking goat may bear the mark, it does not make him a brother."

(To Crixus) "You are to die, at the end of my spear."

(To Crixus, His Final words) "Barca has taught you well."

(After Gannicus wants to pair with Barca) "The gods bless Barca with another tiny man to fuck!"


  1. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Prequel; Episode 3

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