Barry Duffield
Birthdate February 28, 1962
Birthplace Billingham, United Kingdom
Character Lugo
IMDB profile

Barry Duffieldis an actor based in New Zealand. He plays the German warrior Lugo in Seasons two and three.

Personal LifeEdit

Duffield was born in February 28, 1962 in Billingham, U.K., and then immigrated to Australia in 1969. He works as a professional body builder.

Acting CareerEdit

Barrys acting career began in 1994 during his roles on Shortland Street, an on and off again job that lasted 15 years. During this time he also had roles on both "Xena warrior princess" and "Hercules the legendary journeys".

After leaving Shortland Street, Barry had two smaller roles in movies before his role as Lugo in Spartacus.

Since the ending of the show, Barry has continued to work in acting.
Barry Duffield as Lugo

Barry Duffield as Lugo.

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