Rebles battle the Romans

A seen from War of the Damned showing of of the battles in the war.

The Battle against Cossinius happened between Cossinius and Furius and their legion against Spartacus and his rebel army.

Cossinius and Furius talking to a Roman scout.

The battle is the first scene in Enemies of Rome. The battle may have been a depiction of the Battle of Nuceria in 73 BCE.


The episode begins near the end of the battle. Many Romans and rebels have died and lie dead on the battlefield and Romans seem to have the higher ground. An entire battfield is used.

Cossinius and Furius watch the battle on top of a hill with a small group of soldiers, some of whom are looking for wounded rebels among the dead. Spartacus suddenly appears riding towards them on a horse. As he rides towards the commanders, the Romans form Testudo. Spartacus clashes against the formation, but his horse is gravely wounded and his falls off of it. When Cossinius commands his men to kill him, Gannicus, Saxa, Nasir, Agron, Donar, Nemetes and Lugo among others rush to his aid, slaughtering most of the Romans. Furius tells Cossinius that they must escape. They retreat with many of their men, while Crixus appears and shouts to Spartacus that they have won, but still, Spartacus is disappointed because the commanders had escaped yet again. Gannicus reminds him that most of their army had been defeated. Spartacus answers that they deserved their death, along with anyone that would see them again enslaved.

The victory supplies the rebels with many weapons, and horses.


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