Rebels breeching the wall.

The Battle of Milea Ridge takes place in Mors Indecepta when Spartacus, Gannicus, Agron and Crixus breech the wall build by Crassus.


Having evacuated Sinuessa, the Rebels are forced up into Melia Ridge. In the following weeks, the Rebels 


The fallen comrades.

attempted to get past the wall, most of whom were killed, leaving the trench filled with dead Rebels. After the unsuccessful attack on Crassus' camp, Spartacus plans another attack on Crassus' Wall, realising that they could use the corpses of their fallen comrades to bridge the trench below the wall to support the crossing of a more concentrated force to overwhelm the defenders on top of the wall. The Rebels soon discovered that the Roman camp containing the wall's garrison numbered only several hundred men.

Historical battleEdit

Crassus had managed to make the rebels retreat southwards towards Calabria, blocking them off from the rest of Italy and building a wall from coast to coast. When the rebels made it through, a fraction of their forces weren't able to make it through and many of them perished during the breach or were tracked down and killed inside Calabria.


  • Success for the rebels
  • The rebels get past the wall

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