A Bipennis is a symmetrical, double-headed hand axe. They can feature either long handles that require the use of two hands or (more commonly in Ancient Rome) shorter shafts that allow for one-handed use.



A single-bladed axe. See Securis.

In HistoryEdit

Originally from Crete in Greece (where it is known as a Labrys), the double-bitted axe has served throughout history as both a tool and weapon.

The Labrys has since come to hold many symbolic meanings in Greece, both positive and negative, for its use as a symbol by various social and political movements.

On ScreenEdit

In the episode The Thing In The Pit, Spartacus must fight Ixion in The Pit. As per the rules, their weapons are chosen seemingly at random; Ixion is announced to have drawn "Bipennis" and is given two such axes to fight with.

Ixion draws Bipennis!

In the episode Great and Unfortunate Things, Spartacus fights and executes several prisoners in the arena, to honor editor Mercato. One of the prisoners he fights is armed with a pair of Bipennis axes (one in each hand). The prisoner throws one of his axes at Spartacus, who dodges it and moves in to kill the prisoner before he can attack again.

In the episode Wrath of the Gods, a party of German rebels descend Vesuvius in an attempt to breach the Roman siege. They are almost killed, if not for the intervention of Spartacus, Mira and several others, who provide cover to allow their retreat back up the mountain. During the fight, however, Roman officer Salvius picks up one of the fallen German's Bipennis axes and throws it at Spartacus. He dodges and the axe hits Mira, killing her.

Users of this WeaponEdit

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