The Champion of Capua was the title awarded to gladiators who were seen as above all others in skill, within the region of Capua. To become the Champion of Capua, the gladiator had to fight in the arena, and come out as victorious above all others. People that were known as Champion of Capua are:

Oenomaus the Gladiator
  • Oenomaus - a rebel leader during the Third Servile War. Trained former Champions of Capua; Gannicus, Crixus, and Spartacus.
  • Gannicus - a Celtic gladiator (champion from 80 BC -79 BC) - replaced by Crixus, gained his freedom. Became a rebel in Spartacus' revolt 5 years later
  • Crixus - a Gaulish gladiator (champion from 79 BC - 74 BC) - escaped the ludus, became a rebel in Spartacus' revolt
  • 10552279-spartacus-episode-6
    - a Thracian gladiator (champion from 74 BC - 73 BC) - escaped and became a rebel leader, creating the Third Servile War

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