Cilician Pirate 2
First appearance S3E05: Blood Brothers
Last appearance S3E06: Spoils of War
Profession Pirate
Race Cilician
Relationships Heracleo (Captain, deceased)
Castus (Comrade, deceased)
Tryphon (Comrade, deceased)
Adherbal (Comrade, deceased)
Cilician Pirate 1 (Comrade, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Gannicus)

Cilician Pirate 2 is pirate under the employment of Heracleo.

Character OutlineEdit

The pirate is of average height and toned muscular build, in comparison to some of his other comrades, and wears a typical corsair outfit. He is of a tan complexion, possibly indicating a foreign region to hail from, and has dark, curly hair. The pirate sports a large bone necklace.

War of the DamnedEdit

When Heracleo's pirate crew first stops in Sinnuesa to continue their lucrative deal with Ennius, the Cilician Pirate is not seen among them, apparently staying guard on the main ship, while the rest docked in the city. Eventually, after Heracleo's betrays Spartacus and loses most of his crew for it, The Cilician Pirate finally appears, reimbursing the cost with the remaining members. They accompany their captain as he completes a deal with Marcus Crassus, with Laeta forced under Heracleo's slavery. The pirate follows his captain as they leave towards Attius' former smithing shop, in order to brand the former Roman woman.

Over there, after the branding of Laeta, Gannicus and Sibyl arrive to confront the pirates. Gannicus questions them, and then the two forces fight each other. After some of his comrades fall, Cilician Pirate tries to kills Gannicus, but the effort is in vain as Gannicus easily bests the pirates and kills him.


  • Credit name Thomas Kiwi.

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