Crassus' sword
Crassus Heirloom Sword was a Gladius that belonged to the original Marcus Crassus, and remained a family heirloom of the Crassus name. The sword was passed down to Marcus Licinius Crassus, and later to Tiberius. The sword is seen throughout War of The Damned, being held by Crassus, Tiberius, Crixus, SpartacusNaevia and Caesar.


The sword is different from other gladii, the hilt is custom designed for the Crassus family. It reads "LEG·IV"

War of the DamnedEdit

The sword is first seen in Wolves at the Gate, with Kore, in Crassus' study. When Tiberius is made Crassus' "word and will", he is presented with the sword, and humbly takes it.

Tiberius fights with the sword in the battle outside Sinuessa in Men of Honor, and slays a number of pirates and rebels, and at the end of the battle, kills Totus with it. Crixus pulls the sword out of Totus before he dies and keeps it with him until Separate Paths. When Crixus is mortally wounded by Tiberius in their Battle outside Rome, Tiberius uses the sword to decapitate Crixus.

After Tiberius and his men are captured in The Dead and the Dying, Spartacus takes the sword, asking if that was the blade that took Crixus' life, before hitting Tiberius in the face with the back of the sword. Afterwards he gives the sword to Naevia, and she uses it in her fight with Tiberius at the end of Crixus' funeral game.

Naevia carries the sword with her until the final battle where she uses it against Caesar, but is quickly beaten. Caesar then takes the sword and plunges it into Naevia's right shoulder, killing her.

The sword is supposedly given back to Crassus after the battle.


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