Crixus shield

Crixus' shield.

Crixus' Shield is a unique shield owned and used by Crixus. The shield is a dark red Scutum with an image of a large kraken.


Crixus uses the shield in every gladiatorial match he is seen in. He used it for the first time when he fought Auctus, where it was damaged by Auctus' spear during the match, but is presumably repaired. The shield was also used during the Opening Games of the New Arena and many other battles, until Spartacus and Crixus' final battle when the rebellion started and Crixus used it to help Spartacus jump to the balcony of The House of Batiatus, in an attempt to kill him.

During Vengeance and most of War of the Damned, it isn't seen. It reappears during Crixus' funeral where it, and his necklace, are burned along with his head.

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