Ashur's end

Ashur's end

Decapitation is act of severing a person's head from their body. Typically fatal, as brain death occurs without oxygenated blood flow to the brain. How long the brain may remain conscious, however, is still subject to debate.

Spartacus Blood and Sand Death of Solonius

Death of Solonius

In the Roman Republic, decapitation was actually viewed as a more honorable death than Crucifixion, which Glaber later introduces as punishment for slaves planning to join the Spartacus rebellion, a rebellion that would lead up to the Third Servile War.

Spartacus Vengeance Death of Lucius

Lucius decapitated

Crixus death

Crixus' beheading, seen in Naevia's eye's reflection.

Characters Killed By DecapitationEdit


  • Crixus: "It is no easy task to sever a man's head." (to Naevia)
  • Gannicus: "As I long to see your head parted from fucking neck" (to Caesar)