Sabinus being beaten to death

Decimation (from the Latin word Deci, meaning ten), was the ancient Roman punishment in which a legion or cohort had one in every ten men beaten to death by their fellow legionaries.


The practice of Decimation is recorded to have been used as early as 471 BC, but the practice was stopped and replaced by other forms of punishment. The practice was resumed by Marcus Licinius Crassus during the Third Servile War. Historically, around 10,000 men returned to Crassus' camp. Crassus chose and decimated an entire cohort of  500 men. 50 men were killed, and the rest were sent outside the encampment.

On sceneEdit

In the episode Decimation, Marcus punishes his son and the rest of his surviving
Tiberius paints lots S3E04

Tiberius painting the lots

men of the Battle outside Sinuessa using this method. His son, Tiberius, was even ordered to prepare the stones that where going to be used as lots prepared himself. Five men, including Sabinus were killed.

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