First appearance S0E03: Beneath The Mask (mentioned)
Last appearance S0E03: Beneath The Mask (mentioned)
Profession Warrior
Race Gaul
Relationships Crixus (Brother, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by the Arverni)
Actor/Actress None
Doiros was a Gaulish warrior of the Allobroge tribe who fought against the Averni Tribe.

Character OutlineEdit

Doiros was one of four older brothers of Crixus, the one whom Crixus held dearest. Along with his other brothers (save Crixus) and their father, they all fell to the spears of the Arverni.


Crixus: "Doiros was the brother I held closest to me. He was a fierce warrior, as was my father and all before us. I would sit at their feet and listen to their many stories of battle, longing for the day when I could take up arms and stand beside them in glory. My father, my brothers, Doiros...I watched as they all fell to the spears of the Arverni."

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