First appearance S0E04: Beneath The Mask
Last appearance S0E04: Beneath The Mask
Profession Gladiator (unknown house)
Race Thracian
Relationships None
Status Deceased (Killed by Caburus)
Actor/Actress Uncredited
Drapaes is a gladiator who fights for an unknown ludus. He appears exclusively in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

Character OutlineEdit

Little is known about Drapaes, except that he fights in the thraex style. He is equipped with the standard sica (curved sword) and shield of his class, and wears a plumed helmet, leg greaves and a manica on his right arm.

Gods of the ArenaEdit

Following Ashur and Dagan's first match, the thraex, Drapaes, is pitted against the newly acquired champion of the House of Vettius: Caburus. Drapaes proves no match for the massive and powerful murmillo, Caburus. Soundly defeated and killed by a sword thrust through the chest, his heart is then torn from his body by his victorious foe.


  • He is the only other Thracian, excluding Spartacus, to have been featured as a gladiator.
Drapaes death

Drapaes has his heart ripped out by Caburus.

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