First appearance S3E04: Decimation
Last appearance S3E04: Decimation
Profession Roman Citizen
Race Roman
Relationships Cassius (Brother, deceased)
Nemetes (Rapist, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Caesar)
Actor/Actress Sarah Hart
Fabia is a Roman woman living in Sinuessa. After the rebels took over the city, she disappears and her fate remains unknown to those who knew her.

Character OutlineEdit

Fabia is a young Roman woman with long, wavy blonde hair and a thin build and attractive features. Following the abuse of the Rebels, she is covered with scars and her body, as well as her spirit, is broken.

War of the DamnedEdit

Her brother mentioned her frequently, having lost sight of her after the city was taken over by Spartacus and asking many rebels if they had seen her. However, no such luck is found.

Julius Caesar, under the guise of Lysiscus, is brought to Fabia, who is hidden away, by Nemetes. He tells Caesar to use Fabia for untold pleasures and leave a mark upon her.

Caesar quickly calms her down and ensures her that he will not harm her and that he will see her free and everyone that harms her gone to the afterlife. Fabia begs Caesar to free her and he explains to her how the army of Marcus Licinius Crassus will soon come. However, Fabia's spirit is gone and she looks to the knife Caesar wields and holds it up to her asking Caesar once more to free her. Caesar, filled with compassion, asks her name and when she tells him he remarks that she will not be forgotten. He then uses the knife to end her suffering.

Fabias death

Fabia's death by Caesar.

After her death, she is brought by Caesar to Nemetes, who is furious at first, but later admires Caesar's "ruthlessness" and together they spin a tale of how Fabia attacked Nemetes and that he was saved by Caesar. This death marks the beginning of a series of slaughters of remaining Romans by the rebels spurred on by Crixus.


  • "Free me, Free me.

-to Caesar[1]


  1. Spartacus: War of the Damned Season 3; Episode 4

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