Season 2
Number Episode 01
Date Aired January 27, 2012
Writer Steven S. DeKnight
Director Michael Hurst
Previous Kill Them All
Next A Place In This World
 This article is about the Spartacus episode of this name. For the term, see "Fugitivus (term)".

"Fugitivus" is the first episode of Spartacus: Vengeance. It is the twentieth episode of the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline

Spartacus discovers the grave responsibilities and costs involved in his new role as leader of freed slaves. Claudius Glaber's arrival in Capua forces Spartacus to keep his rebellious band intact.


The season starts out explaining what has happened between the end of the first season and now. In the weeks after the massacre at Batiatus' Ludus, the rebel Gladiators, led Spartacus, have terrorized Capua. A young noble by the name of Seppius has sent out a group of mercenaries to hunt them down.

The mercenaries are seen on horseback chasing Spartacus down a dusty road. As they start to draw closer on him, he stops and turns to face them with his sword pointed at them. As one of the horsemen rides by he cuts Spartacus on the upper back while Spartacus turns and kills him. As he does this, a rebel ambush comes out of hiding and attacks the mercenaries. Agron jumps and throws one of them off his horse while an other rebel kills the mercenary while he is still down. Donar then comes out and kills another mercenary while he is distracted with another rebel.

After the fighting has stopped, Spartacus tells the men to quickly gather supplies so they can leave. While taking the valuables off one of the dead mercenaries he begins to rip his shirt off, when asked by Agron, he reply's that he is leaving a message for an "old friend", then cuts into the soldiers chest.

Glaber and Marcus

Glaber talking to Marcus about matters of war.

k in Rome, Glaber (now Praetor), and Marcus are speaking of Rome's pressing matters of war when they are interrupted by Albinius and Varinius who carry news of the deaths of Seppius' men. One of the men had Glaber's name carved into his chest. Albinius explains to Glaber that he is being sent back to Capua to end the rebellion. When Glaber objects he is reminded that he is to blame for Spartacus being brought to Roman soil and gave Batiatus patronage not long before his house was killed. To make matters worse, Albinius's daughter, Ilithyia, was the only Roman to survive. Albinius explains that if Glaber isn't the one who fixes this problem, then he will lose all chance of rising in the senate.
Rebel hideout Vengence

Rebel sewer hideout.

The rebel ambush party returns to their hideout. The former slaves inside are busy training and cleaning while Mira is washing cloths when she sees Spartacus enter with the rest of the rebels. The former slaves cheer when Spartacus yells out that eight more Roman soldiers are dead. He gives the stolen swords to Peirastes disperse to the men ready to join the war effort. While Peirastes hands the swords out, Aurelia and Mira come up to Spartacus. Aurelia becomes upset, stating that they are in greater need of food than for weapons.

As Spartacus tries to explain that the men they killed had no food on them, the Gaul rebels, lead my Rhaskos, come in with meat. When Spartacus congratulates them for a good haul and tells them to divide the meat amongst the rebels, Rhaskos becomes angry stating that they are the ones to earn the meat and that most of the rebels do nothing but lie about all day. Things become tense, getting so bad that Donar and Agron put their hands on their weapons preparing for a fight. After a few moments Rhaskos gives in and signals his men to do as Spartacus said.

After the food is divided, Mira tends to Spartacus's wounds from the battle. She talks about how short sighted Rhaskos is, and that he is unable to see past what he wants. Spartacus tries to reassure her that at least everybody will not go to bed hungry, but she asks what they plan to do tomorrow. Spartacus says that he will simply go and kill more Romans. Mira states that she doesn't feel the price of Spartacus's life would be worth any of that, and that a better move would be to move to the mountains to the east. The food would be more plentiful and the Romans sparse. Before Spartacus can give an answer, Crixus interrupts asking Spartacus why he commands his men. Spartacus assures Crixus that he does not command of his men and that he would have made the same call if he were present.

Spartacus asks why Crixus was not in the hideout, and discovers that he was in town, something that Spartacus has told him not to do due to risk. Crixus assures him that he was only seen by the slaver, Marcellus, and he was killed after so he would not be a problem. When Spartacus asks why Crixus keeps taking risks like this, Crixus responds that he will not stop until Naevia is found and freed. Before his death, Marcellus revealed Trebius, another slaver that frequents a local brothel, who he had made a deal with Marcellus regarding Naevia. Before leaving, Spartacus asks if Crixus has seen Doctore. Crixus responds that to Oenomaus, the Ludus was his life, and that seeing those that took it away would be the same as rubbing salt in a wound.

At that moment, Oenomaus is in the crowds of at the Capua Arena watching a pair of Gladiators fight. The fight however, is proving to be disappointing to the crowds. Gallienus, the new magistrate of Capua, complains that without good shows the people will fall into panic. Seppia, who is also watching the fight, questions that fights are even a necessary use of resources while Spartacus roams free. Gallienus assures her that her brother, Seppius, is doing everything in his power to bring them to justice. Seppia then brings up the eight men Spartacus killed that morning, something that Gallienus knew nothing about. Not long after she brings this up, Seppius arrives. When questioned about his dead soldiers, Seppius assures them that this changes nothing and that Spartacus will die and his cousin Sextus will be avenged. At this point the fight ends and Oenomaus sneaks out of the arena hoping to leave without being recognized.

While walking down a small alleyway, Oenomaus is confronted by several men who recognized him at the arena. despite attempting to leave without confrontation, the men refuse to let him leave, believing that he is Oenomaus, and that he knows where to find Spartacus, something that would lead to a large reward. When Oenomaus again declines to knowing anything and tries to leave, the men attack him, planning on settling for a smaller reward. Before they can do anything, Oenomaus kills two of them and places his knife on the neck of the third, then kills him.

Back at the rebel hideout, Spartacus exits the sewers to find Aurelia outside looking at the moon. She explains that her son, Janus loves the moon and she feels closer to him knowing that they are both looking at it. When Spartacus tries to reassure her that she will see him again, she reminds Spartacus that he won't know his father, and she doubts he would remember her. Spartacus tells her that Janus would never forget her face and will be happy to see her again when that day comes. Spartacus then tells her that he is sending some men to hunt for game in the area nearby where her brother lives. Spartacus gives her all the Denarius he took from fallen Romans, and tells her to take her son and to buy passage out of the republic. When she tries to object he explains that Varro's last words to him were to make him promise to take care of his family for him. Aurelia takes the money and agrees to leave with the hunting party.

In Rome, Glaber breaks the news to his wife, Ilithyia, that that her father is sending him

Ilithyia being told by Glaber she is going to Capua.

to Capua to stop Spartacus. Ilithyia pleads with her husband to fight it but he explains that there is nothing to be done and he must take care of this matter, despite it being beneath him. He also informs her that he intends to take her with him and promises that they will return home to Rome before their child is born. When Ilithyia objects, Glaber tells her he is obligated to avenge Batiatus because they had a patronage he was forced to agree to in order to cover up Ilithyia's murder of Licinia. After explaining this, he tells her to pack her things and that they will leave soon and put an end to Spartacus.

Back at the rebel hideout, Argon argues with Spartacus about attacking the brothel. Argon tells Spartacus that Crixus is a fool for taking the word of a dead slaver and that it could be a trap. Spartacus tells him that he alone vowed to help Crixus save Naevia and that he would not thing any less of him for staying behind. Argon, despite not liking the plan, agrees to go, Donar also agrees to go, stating that Spartacus had him when he said "whores". Spartacus warns both of them not to take any unnecessary risks and to not offend the Gauls. Before leaving, Spartacus goes to say good-bye to Aurelia before she leaves with the hunting party, and tells her that Peirastes, who is leading the hunting party, will make sure she arrives safely to her son. Aurelia promise Spartacus that she will fondly speak of him to Janus and tell him how much Spartacus cared for Varro. After she leaves, Crixus comes up to Spartacus to remind him he doesn't need to come with him, to which Spartacus tells him he made an oath and will keep it. With that he follows Crixus out to attack the Brothel.

At the Brothel, Romans are fulfilling their pleasures, many being watched by the brothel owner, Arminius, who is wondering around making sure his patrons are being taken care of. While he is watching a group of his customers, he is stabbed through the neck from behind by Spartacus, unleashing panic within the brothel. The rebels then split up to fight the guards and patrons while Crixus hunts down Trebius. Crixus finds Trebius in the back of the brothel, who is unaware of the attack until he turns around and see's Crixus. Before Crixus can capture him however, a group of guards attacks distracting him. Before Trebius can attack, a nearby whore who Trebius was with takes a sword and stabs him through the lower abdomen. Spartacus and Argon arrive to help. Argon recognizes Trebius as the man who had sold him and his brother into slavery and to Batiatus. Crixus explains that Trebius is as good as dead and if he is to learn anything from him he needs to do it now. Spartacus and Argon, knowing Crixus will not leave without information on Naevia, allows Crixus a moment alone with the slaver. Crixus asks Trebius where he can find Naevia. When Trebius refuses to tell him anything, saying he was already a dead man, Crixus tells him he still has a life, and can either make it a quick death or a painful one.

Trebius with Crixus before his death.

Back at the hideout, Crixus tells Spartacus what he learned from Trebius. He explains that Naevia was not only sold, but was taken south and handed Dominus to Dominus on Batiatus' command as a way to curry favor with them in the hopes it would help in his campaign for power. Spartacus urges to formulate a plan. He asks more information on the whereabouts of Naevia from Crixus, whether he knows for sure which villa she is in, asking how many villas they would need to attack, the distance between them, and how strong they are. But Crixus says it is all for nothing. He does not want to wait any longer than he has to, mocking Spartacus of his plan for caution. He tells Spartacus that even if they plan to go south, it does not matter. Before Trebius died, he told Crixus that Rome had sent a new force of men to stop the rebellion that will arrive in the morning, and that Glaber leads them.

In the morning, Glaber arrives with his men and march through the gates of Capua, observed by Oenomaus and the
Vengence Glaber arrvies

Glaber after arriving at the Ludus.

rest of Capua. Glaber march's his men up to Batiatus' Ludus and tells them to unload their gear and orders Marcus to make sure they are fed and rested. Patrols are sent out into the countryside. Glaber and his men are greeted by Mercato who informs them that the citizens are panicked after the recent attack in the brothel and questions if Glaber has brought enough men for the job. While Glaber assures him he has the numbers to end a rebellion, Mercato still worries that unlike normal slaves, Spartacus and his men are trained warriors. Not wanting to be questioned about the strength of him and his men, Glaber commands to speak with the Gallienus, but he is busy due to the attack at the brothel. Mercato suggests Glaber speak with Seppius who is willing and wanting to speak with him. While the two discuss Glaber speaking with Seppius, Ilithyia comes in through the main door. Glaber dismisses Mercato and informs him to arrange a public speaking in the market place the following morning, despite Mercato's doubts. Ilithyia becomes angry with Glaber, demanding to know why she was brought to the ludus. Glaber explains that it offers a vantage point that allows them to see the countryside and has the space to allow him to house his men. Ilithyia states that she doesn't want to stay and that she will stay at her father's villa, to which Glaber becomes angry and tells her that this is their home now and will remain so until Spartacus is dead. Glaber puts Ilithyia in charge of bringing the house to order. She is revolted by the state of the decaying ludus and demands her slaves to throw everything off the cliff and to wash all the blood off the walls. When her servants leave, she stops and sees the mask Spartacus wore when she had sex with him and is reminded of the night. While she is reminiscing, she hears a noise from behind her and turns to see a dark showed figure and screams. Marcus and Glaber
Lucretia Vengence

Lucretia 6 weeks alone in the Ludus.

rush to her screams and arrive to find Ilithyia in the corner looking at the back of the room. When she is asked to explain why she caused such a panic, Lucretia comes out of the shadows. Everybody stands in shock surprised to see she is alive. Lucretia acts as though the massacre never happened and calls to Naevia to get wine for her guests. While Glaber and Ilithyia are silent with shock, Glaber considers killing her. However, Marcus explains that they could use this as a way to calm the people of Capua. Despite the fact she has lost her sanity, they could pass her off as a blessing of from gods and a symbol because she survived Spartacus and his men. Ilithyia begs her husband to kill her, but he agrees with Marcus and demands for Lucretia to be cleaned.

In the rebel hideout, the new untrained slaves (some of whom they saved from the brothel the night before) are in panic at the news of the Romans and their newly sent army. Spartacus reminds them that they all knew that this day was coming and that he has promised them all he would make Rome tremble before them. As he is telling them this, Oenomaus arrives and tells them he saw Glaber and his men enter the city and has the numbers to kill them all. He warns them that if they want to survive, they should leave while Glaber speaks in the marketplace the next morning. Spartacus asks Oenomaus to join them but he refuses as he leaves Spartacus calls him "Doctore". Oenomaus slowly turns and reminds Spartacus "That is no longer my title." Crixus then asks where he is going, to which Oenomaus says "There is but one place for an animal without honor". Crixus, as well as most other gladiators, agree that they are not ready to fight, and believe it best to move while Glaber speaks. Spartacus however, believes that this moment is one he should not pass up on. Crixus tells him to sleep on it, but to wake to reason and join them towards south in the morning.

At the ludus, the servants are bathing Lucretia. Lucretia believes that the drought is still

Lucretia believes there is still a drought.

going on and doesn't know where they got the water. Ilithyia explains to her that the drought has long since passed. In an attempt to test Lucretia's memory, points out the wound on Lucretia where Crixus stabbed her. She looks down and sees her wound but does not give an answer. Ilithyia then asks her how she survived the massacre and alone in the weeks since. When Ilithyia becomes convinced Lucretia has no memory of the events leading to the slave revolt and of Ilithyia's murder of Licinia, she leaves Lucretia to dress. But before she can, Lucretia notices that Ilithyia is pregnant. She tells Ilithyia that she and Batiatus have been trying for a long time, and that Ilithyia's pregnancy must be a sign that their own child is on its way.

At the rebel hideout, Mira is lying in bed with Spartacus. She now sees that Spartacus was hoping for Glaber to arrive so he could get his revenge. Spartacus admits that this was not only what he planned, but what he prayed for. Mira asks Spartacus to leave in the morning with Crixus so that no more will die in the name of Spartacus' revenge. Spartacus promises that nobody else will die the two kiss while saying they will find Naevia and make it far from Rome, the two then make love.

In the morning, the gladiators are getting ready to move out. When Mira emerges alone from the hideout, Crixus asks her where Spartacus is standing on the journey south. She explains to him that last night he seemed to favor the side of caution, but when she awoke, he was gone .

By the time the rebels discovered Spartacus has left, he is in the marketplace awaiting Glaber to make an appearance. While he is waiting, Gallienus and Seppius are swaying the crowd, telling them that things are under control and that Spartacus and his men are heartless monsters who murder the innocent. At this point Glaber shows up, stating as he walks in that the blood the rebels have spilled will be matched in full. Glaber reminds the people that despite his past victories in the arena, he is but a man and can be killed. He then reveals to the shock of the

Roman guards bring out Aurelia beaten and bloodied.

entire crowd that Lucretia survived the assault as she arrive before them. to rouse the crowd even further, Glaber tells the crowd that a group of Spartacus men were found and all but one were killed. Roman guards bring out a beaten and bloodied Aurelia before the crowd. He tells the crowd that before she dies, he will force her to tell him the location of Spartacus so he can send his men to end his rebellion.

As Glaber shakes hands with the crowds, Spartacus makes his way through to kill Glaber. Before he can make his move, however, Lucretia sees Spartacus and screams, giving Glaber a moment to dodge the incoming blow. As Roman guards escort Seppius and the women away, Glaber fights Spartacus in the center of the chaos. Marcus aids Glaber in fighting Spartacus and rallying the men to attack. Before they can fully recover, Crixus shouts out to get their attention. As Crixus and Rabanus jump down from an above balcony, Donar and Agron come in from the side. With the increased panic among the crowd, the Rebels kill several guards, grab Aurelia, and escape. Before they make it out, Crixus sees Lucretia and is briefly overcome with anger knowing she survived and Lucretia retreats in horror as she regains her memories of the night of the slaughter in the ludus.

Back at the hideout, Mira is furious that Spartacus had attempted to kill Glaber, saying he acted no better than Rhaskos. Spartacus explains that he left on his own and did not design for anyone to be hurt, but Mira tells him that his death would have ended the rebellion. Spartacus says that as long as Glaber is alive, his wife will never be avenged and that without her, he himself is dead. Crixus interrupts them and punches Spartacus saying that he did not come to aid Spartacus in the marketplace, but to stop him. When Spartacus accuses him of standing in the way of him and Glaber, Crixus says that he is doing the same with himself and Naevia. Crixus tells Spartacus that killing a Praetor would only end with the senate sending everything they have to stop them. Crixus goes on to say he doesn't see them becoming a real army. Before he leaves he informs Spartacus that Aurelia wants to see him.

Spartacus saw aurelia dying

Spartacus seeing Aurelia dying.

On her deathbed, Aurelia asks Spartacus to make him a promise before she dies. When he asks her what it is, she tells him to stay far away from her son, so he may not die by the hands of Spartacus like his parents. After she expires, Agron attempts to rally the troops for a revenge strike, but is stopped by Spartacus. He instead tells them they are heading south to find Naevia. Agron objects, begging Spartacus to let Crixus and his men chase what he sees as a lost hope. Spartacus says that in order for them to have any victory, they all must stand as one or fall divided. He then makes a promise to the Rebels. He tells them they will free every slave in their path, and once they are a legion, they will face Glaber and his forces and destroy them.


  • This episode takes place 6 weeks after the events of Kill Them All.
  • This is the first episode to feature Liam McIntyre portraying Spartacus.
  • This is the last episode with Spartacus using a Sica.
  • Daniel Feuerriegel and Craig Parker are upgraded to main cast this episode after having initially been supporting cast in Blood and Sand.
  • Gladiators from the House of Batiatus who were unseen in Blood and Sand are introduced such as Donar, Peirastes, Sophus and Liscus.
  • Seppius and Seppia are Roman nobles who are introduced who are the cousins of Sextus. Sextus was involved in the massacre as the very first Roman to die by Spartacus' hand after Batiatus used him as a shield against Spartacus' strike.
  • Seppia hints at an attraction to Glaber, foreshadowing their affair.

Characters in Order of Appearance


"I believe the man is dead."
Donar to Agron

Agron: "You leave his cock to the sun?"
Spartacus: "No, I send a message... to an old friend.

"You had me at whores."
Donar to Spartacus

"Follow Crixus to the south. Do not let you vengence claim the lives of oh so many you have freed from bondage."
Mira to Spartacus

Spartacus: "You would place yourself between Glaber and what he deserves?"
Crixus: "As you would place yourself between Naevia and me! What do you think would be the result of killing a fucking praetor? The senate would burn upon itself belching forth fire and vengeance! They would not send a few men as they do with Glaber — they would send thousands! A true army, which we will never be."

"We must stand as one. Or fall divided. A lesson hard learned. Shackle will be struck from every slave upon our path. We will see our numbers grow. And when they have become legion, we will face Glaber, and the hordes of Rome again. And the Gods shall weap for their suffering."

Spartacus to the Rebels


Chronologically: Kill Them All
Released: The Bitter End
A Place In This World

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