First appearance S0E01: Past Transgressions
S2E01: Fugitivus
Last appearance S2E09: Monsters
Profession Gladiator (House of Batiatus)
Escaped Slave
Race Celt
Relationships Donar (Friend, deceased)
Lydon (Friend)
Status Deceased (Killed by Varinius' Soldiers)
Actor/Actress Nathan O'Hearn

Fulco was a Gladiator in Batiatus' Ludus' and later a rebel under Spartacus' command.

Character OutlineEdit

Fulco has a larger, muscular build when compared than others and stands as a stronger warrior among the rebels. He wields a sword and shield in battle, which he can use for deadly purpose. He is friends with Donar and also possesses a confrontational personality seen from his taunting of the Gauls.

Gods of the ArenaEdit

Fulco is a background character who merely trains and socializes with the other gladiators of the ludus.

Fulco also appears to be part of Barca and Auctus' schemes involving the bullying of Ashur and Dagan as when Ashur attempts to bond with the gladiators after receiving food, Fulco smirks at Ashur and mockingly appears to accept him.

When Gannicus is granted freedom, Fulco and the other gladiators bid him farewell and see him out of the ludus before returning to their regular day of training.


Fulco is a minor rebel and tends to follow the order of Spartacus following their escape from the ludus. Generally taking Donar's lead he heads out with him on scouting missions and aids him in the training of other Rebels.

He and his fellows later leave the sewers of Capua and joins in assaulting a villa. After tensions calm, he takes to celebrating with his fellows.

After Agron leaves the group to enter Vesuvius, Fulco is among many of Spartacus' group to follow in Agron's wake. Following the reunion between Spartacus and Agron, Fulco would return with Donar and Lydon to Spartacus later in helping find the temple at Vesuvius, which would later become the Rebels' santuary.

He would take part in the mission to rescue Crixus, Oenomaus, and Rhaskos from the arena in Capua. With the other rebels, he would set the arena on fire, causing it to collapse and kill many Romans.

Throughout their time at the sanctuary, Fulco would continue to aid in the training of the others as well as do labour work, such as cutting wood.


Fulco is slain.

After Spartacus notices tensions and quarelling among his Rebels, he sends Agron with Fulco and Harudes to steal wine from the Romans for celebration to unite them.

When the sanctuary is attacked by Romans, Fulco goes out with Crixus, Agron and Donar to engage Publius Varinius' forces up close while Mira and her archers provide cover from afar. Despite cutting down many Romans, Fulco himself is killed, upsetting Donar and putting the rebels on the retreat back to the temple.


  • Fulco is played by New Zealand bodybuilder Nathan O'Hearn.
  • Fulco, along with Plenus and Lydon, appears in the prequel, but does not appear in season one.
  • Fulco, Peirastes and Harudes are the only three Rebels that were named and slain in Vengeancebut not mentioned at Crixus' Funeral in War of the Damned.
  • The name Fulco is a Latinization of the Germanic name Fulk, which seems to translate as 'people chief', relating to the word 'Folk' in English and 'Volk' in modern German. As he is a Celt, he may have been one of the children of the Cimbri-Teuton alliance, a mixed force of Germanic and Celtic elements which waged war against Rome during the final decade of the Second Century BCE.

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