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body slave to gaia

Gaia's Slave appeared only in five of the six episodes of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. She was Gaia's personal body slave, occupying the same role as Melitta and Naevia in service to Lucretia. Gaia's slave had no dialogue and her name was never mentioned on screen.

Gaia's Slave was a tall, fair-skinned and fair-haired woman of possible Gaulish or Germanic origin. She wore a small blue loose-fitting shrift, similar to Melitta. Like most slaves, she was often barefoot while in the villa.

After Gaia's murder at the hands of Tullius during a late-night party was covered up on the orders of Titus Batiatus, Gaia's slave was sold. She was last seen with her hands bound in manacles and being led away by the ludus guards.


  • Gaia's Slave's name was never mentioned in the series.
  • The Latin language term for a female body-slave was Serva Corporis. Alternately, Amanuensis, meaning 'within hand's reach', would be used.
  • If Gaia's Slave was a Germanic, then it should be noted that the Cimbrian War (113-101 BCE) was won more than twenty years before the events of Gods of the Arena. It is possible that Gaia's Slave may have been captured by the Romans during infancy from the mobile camps of the Germanic Cimbri tribe, who were attempting to settle in northern Italy.
  • The reason for her being constrained during her last appearance could be explained that her domina (mistress) Gaia's death occurred in her absence, hence encouraging the opinion that this was her failure as a body-slave and her likely punishment of being sold to a place of ill-repute (possibly the salt-mines in Lucania).

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