Spartacus and the Rebels bring down the Arena of Capua

The Games of Praetor Publius Varinius was an event held to earn support for the hunt for Spartacus. The games first had an Elimination style tournament between 12 Gladiators of The House of Rufus where the winner of each match would go to the Primus to fight alongside Gannicus in the execution of the Spartacus prisoners. Publius Varinius was the editor of the games.  The event was a total disaster.


The houses that took part in the games:

  • House of Rufus


Gladiators who took part in the games were:

House of Rufus:Edit

Captured Prisoners:Edit

The GamesEdit


The Morning games, that started late due to Glabers absence:

  • Mycter vs Abiron
  • Murmillo vs. Thraex vs. Hoplomachus
  • Thraex vs. Secutor
  • Retiarius vs. Secutor


The afternoon matches consisted of:


The Primus was the execution of the captured Rebels. The execution would be performed by Gannicus and the six winners of the former matches.

The execution followed the damnati rules with seven fully equipped gladiators vs three chained rebels.

  • It should be noted that two of the rebels are former champions, one is 'The Undefeated Gaul' and the other is a gladiator who killed several Roman soldiers with his bare hands.


The first match between Mycter and Abrion was a hard fought battle. Abrion was close to defeating Mycter until the end when Mycter's years of experience come into play. In the end, Mycter kills Abrion and goes to the Primus.

Four more bouts go on, all finishing in Death.

The last elimination match was between Strabo and Masonius. A tough but one sided bout, Strabo proves to be too tough to kill easily, but, with the cheers of the crowd on his side, Masonius flanks Strabo and places his sword firmly into Strabo's neck, killing him.

In the Primus, Oenomaus attacks Gannicus before the editor could begin the match. At lest two gladiators are killed by Crixus, and Rhaskos is stabbed in the back by Mycter.

Eventually the games are interrupted by an attack from the Rebels when the arena is lit on fire.

Hundreds of people are killed by the fire and Rebels, including high profile Romans.

Spartacus rescues Oenomaus and Crixus, leaving the Games ruined.

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