Gladiators fighting
The Games of Senator Albinius was an event held at the Capua Arena, to honor Albinius' term as the Senator of Capua. The games had multiple ludi participate in the games, with a group of Thracian Prisoners (deserters from war) to be executed during the Primus.


The Houses that took part in the games:


Gladiators who took part in the games were:

House of Batiatus:Edit

House of Solonius:Edit

Unnamed Houses:Edit

  • Multiple other participants

The GamesEdit


A series of matches between lesser gladiators.


The afternoon matches, along with a number of minor games beforehand, consisting of;


The Primus was an execution featuring the Thracian War Prisoners vs Arkadios. Arkadios fought each Thracian one at a time until only Spartacus remained. Gaius Claudius Glaber then revealed that he had hired three more gladiators - a Retiarius, a Secutor and a Hoplomachus - from Solonius to enter the match .


The earlier games are (according to the opinion of Arkadios) "largely uneventful". Two matches end in forfeit due to injury and one ends in Missio (surrender) but another does end with the death of a gladiator.

The Primus is far more eventful. Arkadios single-handedly executes Drenis, Byzo, and all but one of the Thracian prisoners (of these, only Drenis even lands a blow on his executioner). His final prisoner is Spartacus, who he faces with the assistance of three more gladiators (a Secutor, a Hoplomachus and a Retiarius). Spartacus fights ferociously, however, and kills Arkadios and his three fellow gladiators. With the Thracian having survived his execution, he was sold to the watching lanista, Quintus Lentulus Batiatus, to be trained as a gladiator.

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