The Games of the Vulcanalia was an event held to give tribute to the Roman God Vulcan. The games used the simple match set up and rules. The House of Batiatus is the only known ludus to pledge gladiators. The editor of the games was Magistrate Titus Calavius himself.

Spartacus surrendering in the Games of the Vulcanalia.


The only known house to participate was the House of Batiatus. It is unknown if other houses took part although it is likely.


Gladiators who took part in the games were:

House of Batiatus:Edit

The GamesEdit


The Morning games started with the lowest ranking Gladiators fighting to prepare the crowd for the main games.


The afternoon matches, along with a number of minor games beforehand.


The Primus was given to House and City Champion Crixus to face off against upstart Spartacus in a basic Primus match.

The rules were simple:

  1. No missio
  2. Fight to the death


Varro had survived his battle. From the looks of him, it was a heated bout. Due to Varro fighting in one of the first match
Spartacus & Crixus.!

Spartacus seeing The purple ribbon.

es, he wouldn't have killed his opponent.

In the Primus, Spartacus attacked Crixus without being given the command to start the match. Spartacus attacks Crixus aggressively trying to end the bout quickly but is unable to find a weakness in Crixus' fighting. Crixus, laughing the whole time finally gets serious and knocks Spartacus down and strikes him several times on his helmet. Crixus finally wins after a fairly quick match and holds Spartacus, waiting for Judgement from the editor. Against the rules, Spartacus raises missio prompting the editor, who at this point is Batiatus, to show mercy and allow him to live against the wish of the crowd.

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