The Gargan Twins
First appearance Comic #2: Shadows of the Jackal
S1E03: Legends (flashback)
Last appearance S1E03: Legends (flashback)
Profession Gladiator (House of Solonius)
Race Daunian-Roman
Relationships The Jackal (Father, deceased)
Abelia Gargan (Mother, deceased)
Nestorius Gargan (Stepfather, deceased)
Marcus Decius Solonius (Dominus, deceased)
Ludovic (Doctore)
Status Deceased (Killed by Crixus)
Actor/Actress Non-Credited
Decimus Gargan and Tiberius Gargan (known collectively as The Gargan Twins) were wild, feral twin brothers and gladiators from Apulia owned by Solonius.

Character OutlineEdit

In the episode Legends, Ashur states that their mother was a whore who was apparently raped by a jackal. They were said to have terrorized the Eastern seas until their capture. They were cast into the arena to be killed but proved to be savage animals who viciously killed and ate the bodies of their victims. The other gladiators were to terrified to meet this fate and Crixus showed himself to be the only gladiator brave enough to face them. The flashback shows how they viciously attacked and managed to injure him before he was able to impale them with his sword. For this he was highly praised and respected and gained his dangerous reputation, which Ashur warns Spartacus not to underestimate him. Spartacus believes the story to be a jest, as well as Crixus himself.
The Gargan Twins

The Gargan Twins in 'Shadows of the Jackal'.


The Gargan Twins are both muscular and lean in appearance. Their backs are hunched and their eyes are yellow, this gives them a very beastly, ape-like stature. The Twins' nails - or rather, claws - are long and shown to have been sharp enough to slice through a gladiator's arm. They fight barehanded, preferring their claws and teeth over any conventional weapons. They are animals above all else.

Shadows of the JackalEdit

As a result of their birth, their mother died and her husband Nestorius Gargan blamed them for her death. He hated the children and made their life a living nightmare by being abusive and neglecting them. However, no matter how much Nestorius yearned for their deaths he couldn't kill them as their eyes resembled that of his late wife and for that he hated them even more.

Over the years, the twins had festered a massive hatred directed at their stepfather and plotted vengeance against him. One day, after a day of usual abuse to them, the twins attacked him and killed Nestorius for all the years of his mistreatment.

However, their lust for blood was not satisfied as they would yearn for more and went out on rampage of terror. The twins committed such heinous and murderous acts that their true father would have been proud of them.

Blood and SandEdit


  • Decimus was the older of the two brothers and was seen as slightly more tame than Tiberius.