First appearance Comic #4: The Shadow of Death
Last appearance Comic #4: The Shadow of Death
Profession Pirate Captain
Race Cilician
Relationships Theokoles (Friend/Rival, deceased)
Unnamed Son (Son, unknown)
Status Deceased (Killed by Theokoles)
Actor/Actress N/A

Gharib is a Cilician pirate captain. He meets and befriends Theokoles after he saves his son's life.

Character OutlineEdit

He was a friend of Theokoles and a pirate captain who gave Theokoles a position on his ship for saving his son. He leads his crew to be brutal and effective in sea combat. Gharib is a thin, dark skinned man, with dark skin and a goatee. He is seen wearing a slightly loose, blue tunic.

The Shadow of DeathEdit

During a stop near land, to hunt for food, his son is attacked by several bore. Theokoles saves him and meets the grateful captain, Gharib, who is also the father of the boy.

Gharib invites Theokoles to join his crew, and teaches him the ways of the pirate. Over a short time, Gharib and the crew become like a family to him.

Theokoles kills Gharib

The death of Gharib by Theokoles.

One night, Gharib hears a commotion and finds Theokoles and the crew fighting. The crew, attempting to rape several women captured from a ship they attacked, were discovered by a horrified and angered Theokoles. Gharib attempts to stop him, but is killed as Theokoles runs a swords through him.


  • Gharib is one of two Cilician pirate captains seen in the show, the other being Heracleo.


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