First appearance Spartacus: Morituri
Last appearance Spartacus: Morituri
Profession Nobel


Race Greek
Relationships Batiatus (Rival, Deceased)
Status Unknown

Hieronymus is a Greek nobleman who made his fortune serving as a money lender. He seeks permanent residence in Capua where we plans of starting his own Ludus. He see's his biggest rival as Batiatus, who's gladiators include the last two champions of Capua.


Hieronymus is a large man with brown skin and olive-brown eyes. Like most Greeks, he is bearded. He wears gold earrings and a woolen peplos, despite the warm weather of Capua.[1]


Hieronymus is a proud man, who seems to play as friend only to gain what he wants. He is willing to throw is money around to keep face and to show his power and wealth.

Spartacus: MorituriEdit

Hieronymus is first seen along side his body slave at the home of the slaver, Albanus. while there, he outbids Batiatus for the ownership of Athenais. Afterwards, he gives her away as a gift. When Batiatus asks Albanus why he gave her away, he says that he prefers boys.[2]


  • Hieronymous may have possessed Roman citizenship if he was a Lanista in the Roman Republic and if so, may have come from one of the Greek communities in Magna Graecia (southern Italy) or the island of Sicilia. The Social War of 91-88 BCE occurred two sixteen years prior to the Third Servile War. In the aftermath of the former, virtually all Socii (allied states) in Italy, be they of Latin, Samnite, Etruscan or Greek ethnicity, were universally granted Roman citizenship and suffrage.


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