First appearance S1E09: Whore
Last appearance S1E09: Whore
Profession Servant
Race Roman
Relationships Marcus Decius Solonius (Employer, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Aulus)
Actor/Actress Unknown
Kastor is one of Marcus Decius Solonius' men.

Blood and SandEdit

Kastor was sent to see the whore Despoina in Solonius's place, in a plot hatched by Ashur and Quintus Lentulus Batiatus. He was killed during sex with Despoina, and his head was sent as a warning to Solonius by Batiatus.


  • The Latin term for a private bodyguard was Stipator or Custos Corporis.
  • The name Kastor is of Greek origin.


  • Batiatus "It is done?"
  • Ashur (in reply) "The whore Despoina fucks no more.
  • "Aulus "Nor the man inside her when I slit her throat."
  • Ashur "It was not Solonius."
  • Batiatus "Phew. Whose face do I look upon?"[1]
  • Ashur "Kastor. One of Solonius' men."
  • Batiatus "Send it to Solonius. Let him savor the relief of escaping death."


  1. Spartacus: Blood and Sand Season 1; Episode 9

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