Kill Them All
Kill them all
Season 1
Number Episode 13
Date Aired April 16, 2010
Writer Steven S. DeKnight
Director Jesse Warn
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Next Fugitivus

"Kill Them All" is the thirteenth episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. It is the thirteenth episode of the Spartacus series overall.

Plot Outline

Spartacus' fury culminates in the stunning season finale.


(The episode starts when Spartacus and Crixus are fighting each other, and shows what had happened the previous two days via flashbacks)

Spartacus is training with Rhaskos, and at the same time trying to convince him of joining the rebellion. Rhaskos says that he considers Crixus the true champion and that he therefore follows him. Spartacus request permision to work on the palus. He is considered and  approved there he speaks with the German brothers, Duro and Agron, who tell him that Halmicar is with them, but most gladiators, are with Crixus. Spartacus wants to get Crixus support.

Meanwhile, Doctore request a meeting with Batiatus in private, and tells him that the Gladiators suffer at the hands Glaber's men. Batiatus says to him that he wanted to change his status to a politician, ascending to the position Aedile. And would leave the legacy of his family to his Doctore, granting him freedom due to the fact he is trusted him more than any slave. He say Doctore would  assume the position of Lanista and would be warmly greeted by his true name, Oenomaus. Oenomaus stays silent while Batiatus says he had that the news would be pleasing Oenomaus tells him that he had something bothering him Batiatus tells him to let it out Oenomaus asks if there is any truth to the rumor that Barca was not given his freedom but was killed. Batiatus tells him that Barca was indeed killed, but lies to Oenomaus about the cause of Barca's death. He tells Oenomaus that Barca was killed for disobeying his orders.

Lucretia & Batiatus

Lucretia and Batiatus.

After that Batiatus speaks with Lucretia in the balcony, about their son and the celebration for Glabers' patronage. They decide that, to satisfy the elite (who were invited by Ilithyia), they would offer a thing that was only in The House of Batiatus: Spartacus, in a contest to the death with the only man that has ever defeated him, Crixus. Batiatus regards that Crixus could use the moment to gain position, but Lucretia tells him that they must make sure that Spartacus would gain the contest.

Batiatus summons Spartacus, revealing him about the celebration they planed (except for the plot against Crixus). Spartacus ask if the men would be displayed in the villa, but since the legatus was against the tradition, the gladiators would be in the ludus, and the guests shall watch them from the balcony. Spartacus tells Batiatus, if he would make Crixus return to training, so that he may thrill the crowd before his end. Batiatus acceds yet, he just lets Crixus trains. Spartacus at last, asks to lay with one of the house slaves, Mira. He tries to convince her to join their cause, she accepts, but with one condition: to make love with Spartacus. He accepts the deal and removes her robe and wraps his arms around her the two kiss then fall to the bed where they make passionate love.

The next day Spartacus tells Batiatus plan to Duro and Agron, and Crixus trains once more. He fights against Rabanus, and manages to break his spear in half, Doctore then commands them to rest and eat. Spartacus speaks to Crixus about the celebration and his desires, but Crixus denies joining, since he needed to achive his freedom in the arena and needed coin to find Naevia and asks how he would find her while being hunted like a dog by the romans. Spartacus reveals to him that Batiatus ordered the death of Sura his wife, reminding him that Naevia could be returned as her, and if Crixus joined his cause, he will find her, together. Crixus tells him that in another life they could have been as brothers, yet not in this one. They decide that if Spartacus is the victor, he would find Naevia, and see her free, but if Crixus is the victor, he would kill Batiatus some day. 

Meanwhile, Ashur arrives to Batiatus office, after having bought a posion from Marcellus. This poison would be given to Crixus, not for killing him, but to weaken him, allowing Spartacus advantage. Batiatus comands him to pot it upon Crixus drink when he is about to eat.

The celebration day, at afternoon, Ashur is preparing Crixus meal, but not without flirting with Aurelia, Varro's widow, who was working as a slave to pay her husbands debts. Ashur, in a way, reveals that Crixus would not win and begins to flirt with her. Mira puts an end to it by calling for Aurelia since she is required in the Ludus. Aurelia leaves and as she does Ashur puts the poison in Crixus' food

Spartacus and other gladiators are eating. Agron is telling Duro to stay by his side and he would see him beyond the ludus but Duro refuses as he does not need Agron to hold his hand but Agron curses that he only wishes his brother's life protected. Spartacus tells them to stop talking loudly as Doctore walks by Agron remarks that he would kill Doctore, but Spartacus tells him that Doctore is an honorable man and he will not have him dead, nor any other slave. Duro tells Spartacus that he's afraid for nothing as the gladiators won't act without Crixus' involvement but Spartacus says "They will sieze the moment Crixus is dead and there stands only one true champion". Spartacus then sees Aurelia in the Ludus, he asks Doctore for water Doctore looks at roman soldier who allows it. When he comes near to Aurelia he tells her she should go somewhere safe Aurelia tells him that since he killed Varro none exist Spartacus says he feels eternally guilty for it and despises the person who commanded it he tells her the boy,

Aurelia telling Spartacus of Crixus's poisoning.

Numerius ordered him to do so. Aurelia does not belive him, and tells him that she saw Ashur preparing the food for Crixus, speaking of the certainty of Spartacus victory. Spartacus tells her they are poisoning his food Aurelia asks him was it the same for Varro Spartacus says he had no hand in that, but still, Aurelia leaves saying she hopes Crixus kills Spartacus before he succumbs to the poison. 

At the same time, a soldier gives Crixus his poisoned food. When he is about to eat Lucretia appears and tells about her pregnancy, revealing him that it's his son. She also tells him that she wants him back with her, but Crixus denies, revealing that he truly loved Naevia. As Crixus is about to drink Lucretia stops him by saying "I did not wish for it to end this way " she leaves while Crixus takes his poisoned drink.

When the celebration begins, must of Capua's Elite romans arrive, among them, Sextus, his wife Aemilia, and other friends of Ilithyia and others. Batiatus makes presentation and commands Crixus and Spartacus to start. At the beginning, Spartacus and Crixus are at equal level with each other, but Crixus, slowly begins

Mira slipping away to open the gate

to weaken. At the same time, Mira goes to the pantry, "searching for wine", there she throws a bottle of wine to the floor, and offers apologies to the guard, Linus. She later grabs one of the pieces of the bottle and stabs the Roman in the neck, killing him and securing the gates.

The rebellion is born.

Meanwhile Spartacus is overpowering Crixus due to the poision taking effect, and throws his shield towards the floor near the balcony, but not without losing one of his swords, which Agron takes note of. Spartacus tells him (in a low voice so the guards do not hear) that he had been poisoned, and begs him to join the rebellion, finally he throws Crixus towards the balcony. Crixus looks up towards Lucretia, and says "Spartacus" and puts his shield towards him and taps it. Spartacus runs and jumps on Crixus' shield towards the balcony where he aims his sword at Batiatus who quickly grabs a nearby Sextus, who
Sexus death

Sextus Death by Spartacus.

Spartacus stabs through the head. The dead Sextus hand grabs Ashur and pulls him down in the ludus. Spartacus again tries to kill Batiatus when a whip grabs his arm, Oenomaus stopped him. Batiatus runs into the Villa with the other Romans. Crixus then cuts the whip which causes Oenomaus to fall to the ground and allows Spartacus to jump on the balcony as Crixus shouts to the gladiators "KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL !". The entire brotherhood attack the roman soldiers, as they run Agron grabs Spartacus' sword.
Crixus & Rebels

Crixus and the Rebels.

Spartacus in the balcony is taking guards of the Villa and easily killing them, meanwhile the gladiators fight with the Roman soldiers. Hamilcar is killed much to the anger of Duro who has managed to locate the keys to the gladiator's chains. Oenomaus interferes throwing down The Veteran who tried to kill him, Oenomaus questions why Crixus and the other gladiators started this "madness", Crixus explains that The House of Batiatus is without honor, and reveals that Batiatus himself ordered Sura's death and his poisoning. Oenomaus is saddened and says he has given his life to the ludus Crixus tells him that they stole it from him from all of them, he asks Oenomaus to join them and see an end to the house. Doctore throws a sword towards Crixus, who manages to avoid it and it kills Iovis (who was standing behind Crixus) saving Crixus life. Oenomaus tells him to go, and after that turns around and sees Ashur, who he gives and angry glare towards, Ashur limps towards the ludus. Agron and Duro continue killing Romans, but when a soldier was

Duro taking the sword for Agron

about to kill Agron, Duro pushes Agron out of the way saving his brother's life, and takes the sword meant for his brother in his stomach. Agron beheads the soldier, as Duro falls to his brother arms and tells him "I saved you this time brother" and dies. Agron screams in agony due to the loss of his brother, he would forever have hatred for the Romans from that moment on.

Inside of the villa where the Romans are terrified due chaos while Batiatus tries to get them to be calm, though he is extremely angry because Spartacus attempted to kill him. Lucretia tells Ilithyia to gather her men, she tells her she will see her properly attended and kisses her. Batiatus continues to try to make the Romans calm, but the Gladiators enter in the Villa (the gate of the ludus was opened by Mira) and star slaughtering all in their path (except slaves). Batiatus, Lucretia, Numerius, Aurelia and Domitia escape together, as Ilithyia commanded her men to seal the doors, to not let them escape. There, in the door, the gladiators kill all the Romans they find.


Ilithyia sealing the doors.

Oenomaus finds Ashur, and confronts him, saying that he had infected the honor of the house, but Ashur tells him that if he kills a defenseless man, he would lose his honor, Oenomaus gives him a sword. They engage in battle but Oenomaus easily bests him. Ashur tells him that even if he dies, his mark on the house will remain as he boasts upon his machinations much to Oenomaus' horror. Oenomaus says it only bears his treachery to which Ashur replies that because of the mockery from Oenomaus and the other gladiators he endured he became what he is. He strikes again at Oenomaus, who disarms him and throws him to the ground saying he received what he deserved and his path ends now. Ashur, then begs Oenomaus to at least die as a Gladiator. Oenomaus gives in, but when he is about to kill him, Ashur stabs him in the leg, and runs trying to escape, but Oenomaus slashes his right arm. Oenomaus follows him but loses his trace, so he goes up to the Villa. Ashur hid himself among the bodies of the Roman Soldiers.

Meanwhile in the Villa, Batiatus and the others find a Roman in agony, who tells him that Glaber's men had sealed the doors. But a gladiator appears and kills Domitia. Batiatus grabs a sword and manages to kill the gladiator. He tells his wife, Numerius and Aurelia to escape while he goes to confront his gladiators. Lucretia tells Aurelia to take Numerius and conceal themselves. She will go to her husband and the death of Spartacus. While trying to find him, she finds Crixus, who demands to know where Naevia is, but Lucretia does not tell him, and reminds Crixus that she bears their child. Crixus tells her that he would rather see it dead than be raised by Lucretia he backs her into a column and stabs her in the belly, killing the baby, and critically wounding Lucretia

Crixus wounding Lucretia and killing the child.

At the same time, Aurelia, remembering Spartacus' words, asks Numerius if it
Numerius death by Aurelia

Aurelia killing Numerius.

was true, if he really commanded Varro to his death. Numerius tells her that Varro was nothing, Aurelia tells him all the good things her husband had done for her and their child, telling him that he was not a perfect man, but he was hers, then she repeatedly stabs the boy in the neck several times, killing him. Spartacus appears, and tells stops her, saying that it was done. Doctore appears, nodding to Spartacus that they are on the same side but at the same time is horrified by the massacre and asks Spartacus "Is this not enough?! How many more must die?!". Spartacus tells him " I would see but one." Batiatus is fighting against his gladiators, who have surround him in the Villa's heart, where Batiatus Statue is located. Lucretia arrives, and falls to the ground, Batiatus attempts to go to her but Spartacus appears
Lucretia & Batiatus.

Lucretia stabbed by Crixus and left to die with Batiatus.

and tells him the same words when they met each other: "What would  you do to hold your wife again? To feel the warm of her skin? The taste of her lips? How many man would you kill? A hundred? A thousand? There stands but one between you and her!"  Batiatus attempts to attack Spartacus but he effortlessly defeats him and tells him "Go to her and tell her the gods themselves cannot keep her from your arms" he punches Batiatus and tells him to lie as he lied to Spartacus about his wife. Batiatus gets up and pleads for Oenomaus for help (revealing his true name to the gladiators), but he does not follow the command angering Batiatus who

Spartacus kills Batiatus.

looks around and sees he's surrounded . Batiatus tosses his sword into the bloodied water and at last tells Spartacus "You where nothing before me. I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING! I GAVE YOU THE MEANS TO ACCEPT YOUR FATE!". Spartacus replies "And now you are destroyed by it". He spins and slashes Batiatus' throat, the dying Batiatus collapses to his knees where he crawls on the ground where he reaches his wife before he finally dies. Spartacus then makes a speech to the surviving gladiators and slaves:

Spartacus, alongside the Rebels.

As Spartacus finishes his speech, all the gladiators roar in agreement at Spartacus' proposal. The gladiators and slaves, among them Spartacus, Crixus, Mira, Agron, Aurelia, and Oenomaus, escape from the ludus, thus beginning the Third Servile War.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Oenomaus
  2. Spartacus
  3. Agron
  4. Duro
  5. Crixus
  6. Batiatus
  7. Lucretia
  8. Ashur
  9. Mira
  10. Sextus
  11. Aemilia
  12. Ilithyia
  13. Numerius
  14. Domitia
  15. Rhaskos
  16. Iovis
  17. Linus
  18. Aurelia
  19. Vesper
  20. Hamilcar


  • The name of the episode "Kill Them All" is inspired by the last words that Sura said to her husband before he went to war against the Getae. The words are repeated often thoughout the series. 
  • The loss of Duro in this episode serves to fuel Agron's hatred of Romans, and spurs him on in future wartime events.
  • This episode shows the start of Spartacus and Mira's relationship.
  • There is a continuity error during the fight between the rebels and the guards. Duro is seen fighting against a Roman guard with his cuffs on. The next we see him, he has unlocked his cuffs somehow. But the final time we see him before his death scene, he kills a guard and unlocks his cuffs.


Spartacus Blood and Sand - Ep 113 "Kill Them All" Preview01:01

Spartacus Blood and Sand - Ep 113 "Kill Them All" Preview


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