First appearance S0E04: Beneath The Mask (Appearance)
S1E09: Whore (Mentioned)
Last appearance S0E04: Beneath The Mask
Profession Gladiator (Unknown House)
Race Greek
Relationships Hasdrubal (Ally, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Dagan)
Actor/Actress Uncredited
Kleitos is a gladiator of an unknown ludus. Though mentioned briefly in Spartacus: Blood and Sand, he appears exclusively in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

Character OutlineEdit

Scheduled to fight early in the day, he was presumably a gladiator of lower skill or ranking, though evidently skilled at fighting in two-man teams. Trained and equipped in the style of Hoplomachus, he carried the traditional Greek spear and round shield typical of the class.

Gods of the ArenaEdit

Hoplomachus 02

Kleitos versus Dagan.

Kleitos is paired with Hasdrubal for a two-on-two bout against the Syrians Ashur and Dagan, of the House of Batiatus.

Initially engaging Ashur, Kleitos skillfully swapped places with his partner Hasdrubal to tackle Dagan instead. His tactic proved unwise, however, as Dagan was able to work his way under the Hoplomachus' spear reach and hack off his right arm, disarming him. Fallen to the ground, Kleitos was helpless to escape Dagan as he slashed repeatedly at the man's helmeted head and neck, until he succeeded in slashing his throat open, killing him.

Having defeated Kleitos, Dagan was then free to aid Ashur in slaying Hasdrubal, and thus win the bout.

Blood and SandEdit

When Ashur attempts to rejoin the Brotherhood as a gladiator, Batiatus is not in favour of the decision. Ashur lists the defeat of Kleitos among his triumphs in the arena, alongside the deaths of Hasdrubal and Kleitos. However, Batiatus dismisses all these 'victories' without regard, and proclaims Ashur's days in the arena to be over.

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