Large Gladiator
First appearance S1E10: Party Favors
Last appearance S1E10: Party Favors
Profession Gladiator
Race Unknown
Relationships None
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus and Varro)
Actor/Actress Braedon Bryers
The Large Gladiator is a gladiator who fought Spartacus and Varro at the beginning of Party Favors.

Character OutlineEdit

This unnamed bald gladiator, though overweight, is tall and powerful and is a skilled gladiator. He uses a securis (axe) to fight his opponents in the Secutor style. Unlike other Secutors, though, he wears no helmet but is clad in a coat of heavy mailed armor instead.

Blood and SandEdit

He, Spartacus, Varro and several other gladiators battled in the arena.

With the aid of his armor, the Large Gladiator was the only man still standing aside from Spartacus and Varro (who were chained together as a pair for the fight) as the fight drew to a close. When his own partner was killed, he smashed apart the chain holding them together to allow himself freedom of movement.


Large Gladiator's death by Spartacus and Varro.

He easily bested Varro and Spartacus each time they attempted to attack him, until the pair finally entangled and decapitated him by using their own chains, wrapped around his unprotected neck.

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