First appearance S3E02: Wolves at the Gate
Last appearance S3E02: Wolves at the Gate
Profession Public Speaker
Race Roman
Relationships Ennius (Friend, deceased)
Diotimos (Slave, deceased)
Sibyl (Slave)
Status Deceased (Killed by Gannicus)
Actor/Actress Andrew Grainger
Laurus is a Roman public speaker in the city of Sinuessa en Valle and the former Dominus of Diotimos and Sibyl.


Laurus is a middle-aged man with a stout build, rugged face and brown hair.


Laurus is both cruel and hateful, said to inflict many injuries on his slaves, and may have killed many of them. He is skilled in speaking as he is easily able to sway a crowd into doing what he says.

War of the DamnedEdit

Laurus first appears in a plaze within the city of Sinuessa taking a slave planning to join Spartacus and chaining him to a wall to be stoned to death. He quickly gathers a crowd to his side in which the slave then begins to chant Spartacus' name. This causes all the Romans present to throw stones at him, with Laurus cheering them on. Spartacus, who entered the city in disguise, throws a stone at the slave as a mercy kill, but ending the stoning prematurely thus gaining the ire of Laurus.


Laurus's death by Gannicus.

Laurus later confronts Spartacus as he heard that Spartacus mentioned his name upon entrance into the city. Spartacus denies this yet Laurus persists, grabbing Spartacus' arm. A confrontation is avoided, however, when Laeta arrives, scolding Laurus and telling him how Spartacus is in the city to trade grain with her husband, Ennius. Laurus then backs off, yet also warning for Spartacus to remove himself from the streets before nightfall to avoid other issues. 

During the Siege of Sinuessa, Laurus kills Diotimos while he enters the villa to help the slaves inside. After killing him he yells at the other slaves with his dagger raised. Gannicus, however, enters the room and slices off the upper half of Laurus' face.


  • Laurus appears to have been a Mercatoriam Mancipium (dealer in slaves), having many of them chained up in his villa. He appears to employ a handful of his own slaves as bodyguards, whom stood behind him as he was about to enter into an altercation with Spartacus, who was posing as a Roman Mercator (merchant).