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Season 2
Number Episode 05
Date Aired February 24, 2012
Writer Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing
Director Rick Jacobson
Previous Empty Hands
Next Chosen Path

"Libertus" is the fifth episode of Spartacus: Vengeance. It is the twenty-fourth episode in the Spartacus series overall.

Plot OutlineEdit

Spartacus leads a bold mission to free Crixus from Roman captivity, but a storied gladiator from The House of Batiatus complicates matters. Ilithyia's scheming puts her marriage to Glaber at risk.


The episode starts with Oenomaus, Rhaskos, and Crixus about to be executed in the arena. A series of flashbacks to previous days then begins.

While searching for shelter to spend the night, SpartacusMira, Naevia andNasir were finally reunited with the other rebels. Agron apologizes about their decision to part ways but Spartacus tells him that mistakes were made on both sides. Donar, Lydon and Fulco arrive, telling the rebels that they found something. Spartacus and Agron go with them to find out what and they look upon an abandoned temple.

There Donar and Fulco go to find weapons, meanwhile Agron speaks with Spartacus about their luck. Suddenly

Lucius about to shoot at Spartacus & Agron.

a hermit appears, aiming a bow at them. From behind, two other rebels trap him. He is about to shoot Spartacus when Agron accidentally calls him by his name, causing the hermit to start laughing and joking. He reveals himself as Lucius Caelius, a Roman disillusioned with Rome since his family was killed because of the civil war Sulla waged years ago. Lucius tells Spartacus that since he has caused much horror to the Romans, he would see him as a brother. Afterwards Lucius then gives information to the Rebels, mainly of the rumors that are around that Spartacus and the Rebels are finished and all but slaughtered due to their defeat in the Mines of Lucania. He says that the survivors are to be executed in the Arena, to which Spartacus asks who. Lucius informs
Lucius & Spartacus

Lucius telling Spartacus about the 3 Rebels to be executed in the arena.

Spartacus that only 3 of the rebels will be executed in the arena and that one of them is Crixus. Spartacus, unwilling to forsake Crixus and wanting to send a message to the Romans, hatches a daring plan of rescue, where they will destroy the arena in Capua.

In Capua, Crixus is in a cell with Rhaskos and Oenomaus until roman troops led by Ashur walk in crixus angrily glares at the syrian who in return gives the gaul a smile the roman soldiers are shown carrying a stretch holding the dead Marcus who is brought before Glaber. Crixus says that spartacus yet again evades death while rhaskos remarks they are forced to embrace it crixus states even if he does die he will embrace naevia in the next life and tells Oenomaus "Where Melitta awaits you". Oenomaus still angered at his wife's bretrayl says "I long for reunion and the answers it will bring." Gannicus returns to Capua with the intention of giving his brothers an honorable death in the arena, but is unaware Oenomaus has learned the truth of his affair with Melitta. He asks Mercato for coin. Mercato wants to introduce him to the Magistrate and Varinius, yet the former champion refuses, wishing to visit a brothel instead.

Marcus death.

Marcus's death by Ashur.

Back at the ludus Glaber looking upon Marcus' corpse how he died ashur lies that that they came upon spartacus who was the one that took marcus' life. Glaber suspcious asks how come his tribune is dead while yet lives the syrian says "I came to your tribune's aid pulling him away to staunch life" glaber unmoved says "A noble effort bearing no fruit" ashur tries to says something but glaber cuts him off telling salvius to send word to Albinus that spartacus will not be among the slaves presented in the executions. Salvius asks what to do with ashur to which glaber condemns him to death in the Arena to be killed with the other slaves ashur tries to speak against but the guards pull him out the room leaving glaber to mourn the death of his loyal tribune. Elsewhere Albinius gets message that spartacus eludes glaber once again Ilithyia tries to comfort varinus who says he will her husbands failure to damper spirits Illthyia says he won't be such for much longer

Albinius with Ilithyia in divorcing Glaber.

albinus comes up and says their plans lifts his heart but says he will not have glaber aware of their plans until the right moment Varinus and Albinius begin to leave until albinius stops by his daughter and tells her "Remove encumberance as suggested and we shall this to bitter end" Lucretia questions this and Ilithyia tells her she must abort her child if she will marry Varinius, however, Lucretia manages to convince Ilithyia to delay the abortion. Lucretia, through Ashur, reveals the abortion attempt to Glaber. Ilithyia admits upon confrontation that their love and marriage is over and
Glaber & Ilithyia

Ilithyia telling Glaber their love and marriage is over.

reveals her plan to marry Varinius to Glaber and tells him "Come, let us present ourselves as husband and wife for the last time." When the two arrive the games begin and Lucretia notices Glaber's stare and asks Ilithyia about it. Ilithyia tells her that Glaber found the abortion potion much to Lucretia's shock.

Spartacus burns down the Arena.

When the primus fight starts, Oenomaus viciously attacks Gannicus and Mira is tasked to set the arenas foundations on fire. When the arena finally collapses, Spartacus and Agron attack the remaining gladiators and guards and escape with Gannicus, Crixus and Oenomaus, but not before Spartacus throws a spear directly at Glaber and nicks his cheek killing Cossutius instead. Albinius says "Spartacus once again makes fool of you. Your days in the Senate have found their end!" and leaves. Glaber is the last to leave the pulvinus, he finds Albinius trapped beneath a fallen beam and Albinius begs Glaber to help him. Glaber grabs the beam and lifts it off the senator who lets out a cough, Glaber looks upon Albinius and says "I'm not the fool you and your daughter think me". Glaber then slams the beam on Albinius' head repeatedly, before he leaves the Arena and
Spartacus Vengeance Death of Albinius

Death of Albinius by Glaber.

finds Ilithyia who asks where her father is. Glaber tells her that her father was killed by Spartacus. In grief, Ilithyia collapses to the ground, he tells his wife they will survive this as husband and wife, but Ilithyia looks to Varinius who realizes he can't do anything and leaves.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Publius Varinius
  2. Albinius
  3. Gaius Claudius Glaber
  4. Ilithyia
  5. Lucretia
  6. Seppia
  7. Seppius
  8. Mercato
  9. Cossutius
  10. Crixus
  11. Oenomaus
  12. Rhaskos
  13. Gannicus
  14. Spartacus
  15. Agron
  16. Donar
  17. Lucius Caelius
  18. Naevia
  19. Nasir
  20. Mira


  • The ending credits changes after this episode, now featuring Gannicus instead of the Gauls, Rhaskos, Liscus, Acer and Fortis. This is due to their deaths and the introduction of Gannicus.
  • This episode marks the first time that all five of the principal Rebel Leaders appear on screen in the same episode. 
  • This episode marks the first and only time that all four of Batiatus' champions were on the sands of the arena together.
  • Oenomaus references his time out of the arena by remarking "For many years I have dreamed of my return to the arena". This statement also refers to his last fight with Theokoles.
  • This is episode is the last where any of the rebels have interaction with Lucretia and the last where they see the House of Batiatus.
  • In Missio, during his talk with Melitta and Oenomaus, Gannicus jokingly remarks about one day having to kill Oenomaus in the arena. This is referenced when Gannicus approaches his former friend and states "We at last face each other upon the sands as Melitta always feared."
  • Libertus literally means "free man" referring to gannicus' title as the only gladiator in Capua to be free.
  • At the end of the fight between Oenomaus and Gannicus, Oenomaus manages to disarm Gannicus of one of his swords. Seconds later, Gannicus disarms Oenomaus of his sword and kicks him to the ground but when he is about to perform the killing blow, Gannicus somehow holds two swords in his hands again.


Spartacus Vengeance Episode 5 Preview00:31

Spartacus Vengeance Episode 5 Preview


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