First appearance S1E12: Revelations
Last appearance S1E13: Kill Them All
Profession Soldier
Race Roman
Relationships Gaius Claudius Glaber (Legatus, deceased)
Iovis (Comrade, deceased)
Vesper (Comrade)
Status Deceased (Killed by Mira)
Actor/Actress Unknown
Linus is a Roman soldier serving under Gaius Claudius Glaber.

Character OutlineEdit

A Roman soldier under the command of Legatus Claudius Glaber. He is fiercely loyal to his commander and is considered to be part of Glaber's more elite soldiers.

Blood and SandEdit

He and several others arrive at Batiatus' Ludus with their commander, Glaber. He and Vesper fight Spartacus in the villa after Iovis fails to best him, but the duo are both also bested by the famed gladiator.

After Glaber grants patronage to the House of Batiatus, Linus and several others remain behind in which they begin to beat and mistreat the gladiators and slaves.

He is killed by Mira while he guarded the gate which connects the ludus to the villa and was preoccupied with watching Spartacus and Crixus' fight.


  • The name Linus is of Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Linus or Linos was the musician son of Oceagrus and the brother of Orpheus. The legionary Linus may come from one of the Greek-speaking cities of southern Italy.
  • The Latin word for soldier is Miles.

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