First appearance Comic #2: Shadows of the Jackal
Last appearance
Profession Doctore (House of Solonius)
Race German
Relationships Marcus Decius Solonius (Dominus, deceased)
Gargan Twins (Students, deceased)
Status Unknown
Actor/Actress Unknown Voice
Ludovic was the Doctore at the ludus of Marcus Decius Solonius when the Gargan Twins first arrived there.

Character OutlineEdit

Sin títulok

Little of Ludovic is known, apart from his name and the fact that he served the lanista Solonius as Doctore, 'training' the Gargan Twins for him. Presumably he was a gladiator himself before becoming Doctore.

He is an exremely harsh trainer and appears to only care about victory, nothing more.

His name marks him as likely being of Germanic origin.

Shadows of the JackalEdit

Sin título

Ludovic is instructed by Solonius to tame and train the Gargan Twins to fight in the arena. He does this through methods of starving them and forcing them to drink his urine. 

His training methods ultimately warp the Gargan Twins further into becoming two of the most dangerous the gladiators the arena has ever seen, as their ferocity outmaches any gladiator skill.

It is not indicated if he is still Doctore of Solonius' ludus by the time of the events of Spartacus: Blood and Sand.


(Urinating in the water dish of the Gargan Twins) "Drink that in. The only water you will taste for a long while."

(To the Gargan Twins) "Will you break? Even now, my hungry jackals?"

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