Lugo's Hammer

Lugo's Hammer

Lugo's Hammer is a unique weapon owned by Lugo. It was obtained in the period between Vengeance and War of the Damned. It has a stone head and a wooden handle which is spiked at the end, generally used to stab enemies.

Lugo is the only rebel seen to fight with a hammer, and due to his great strength and big muscles, uses it with deadly purpose. Capable of defeating several Romans alone, as seen at the beginning of Spoils of War before moving to the city gate. He is capable of using the hammer with one or two hands.

His last use of it was in the final battle against Crassus, where he kills a number of Romans before being hit by a fire ball. The hammer's final fate is unknown, but it was likely destroyed by the fire or Romans after the battle.

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