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First appearance S2E02: A Place In This World (mentioned)
Last appearance S2E02: A Place In This World (mentioned)
Profession Slaver
Race Unknown
Relationships Oenomaus(Former Slave, deceased)
Status Unknown
Actor/Actress None

Maalok is a presumed slaver, operating throughout the lands of Numidia.

Character OutlineEdit

Maalok was the man who sold Oenomaus to the pit boss in The Pit.


Pit Boss: "He was with a pack of Numidians, purchased from Maalok. The others fell within the week. This one proves too dim to sniff out their trail."


  • Maalok's name may be derived from that of the deity Baal Moloch of Canaanite/Phoenician mythology. Maalok may be of Phoenician ethnicity, if he is a slaver based in North Africa.
  • The Latin term for a slave merchant was Mercatorium Mancipium.

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