First appearance Comic #3: The Beast of Carthage
S1E03: Legends (flashback)
Last appearance Comic #3: The Beast of Carthage
S1E03: Legends (flashback)
Profession Chieftain
Race Phoenician (Carthaginian)
Relationships Elissa (Wife, deceased)
Barca (Son, deceased)
Hannibal (Brother, deceased)
Hasdrubal (Carthage) (Brother, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Barca)
Actor/Actress Albert Heimuli
Mago is the father of Barca and chieftain of his people. After the fall of Carthage, he and his people are forced to fight in the Arena until one is left standing.

Character OutlineEdit

Mago is a great and powerful warrior from Carthage. He is of average height but has build with a superior fighting frame. He has dark skin, long dreadlocks and hides his true age with good health and a fighting spirit. When he and his people are captured, they are taken to Rome to fight in the Arena.

The Beast of CarthageEdit

He came from a fierce warrior village a region near Carthage where he was the Chieftain of the village. Mago had a wife and son who he loved very much but saw his son's habits if playing with birds as pathetic and told his wife Elissa that their son was becoming weak by playing, not a strong warrior like he should grow up to be. One day, Mago and his group were away as roman soldiers invaded the village which led to the deaths of many villagers, including his wife. Mago returning to his house, found his son crying over his wife's corpse. Sad and angered, Mago blamed his son's cowardice for his wife's death and disowned him.

Years later, Mago and many of his men were captured and sent to the Arena where they were to fight each other to death. Mago was able to defend himself and take down many of his own people and was one of the two remaining warriors on the sands as he turned to face his opponent and came across a shocking sight. His son Barca was also in the arena. Father and Son were shocked to see each other and knowing there was no way out the two began to fight each other as they did, one of the watching nobles saying “I would purchase the winner".

As the legendary chieftain, Mago was the favorite to win in the arena, but he was ultimately bested in the final battle by his younger and stronger son, Barca.


Barca versus Mago.

Defeated, Mago was on his knees as he looked up at Barca and in an admiring tone stated" Barca, you are my son!" Barca told him “And I live veral father" he then stabbed Mago through the throat after some hesitation.

Mago is remembered in legend as a powerful and fearsome warrior by many Roman people as Varro relayed this to Spartacus even telling him of the latter's connection to Barca.


  • Albert Heimuli, the actor who played Mago, is 177cm tall.
  • Albert Heimuli is of Tongan descent while Antonio who played his son is of Maori descent.
  • Albert Heimuli also played one of Batiatus' assassins in the street brawl with Vettius and Tullius.
  • Mago is also the name of a Carthaginian Fleet Commander who invaded Sicily and was the son of Hamilcar Barca and brother of Hasdrubal and Hannibal. Mago is also a Carthaginian Dynasty of royalty.
  • "Rab" is a title in ancient Semitic languages (such as Phoenician), which translates as "lord" and is a cognate of the Jewish title of Rabbi. It can variously be a term of address, or refer to a military commander, a landowner or clan chieftain, such as Mago.


"The Chieftain of his tribe, the Noble Mago. Skill and the Testament of years are his allies"

-Varro speaking of Mago