Marcus Tullius Cicero
First appearance Book 1: Swords and Ashes
Last appearance Book 1: Swords and Ashes
Profession Quaestor Senator
Race Roman
Relationships Tiro (Slave/Friend)
Crassus (Friend)
Pompey (Friend)
Status Unknown


Cicero is described as being a tall man in his late thirties, already balding, with a prominent nose.


Renowned as a great orator, Cicero shuns the barbaric notion of the games of the arena, but loves the passion that Quintus Lentulus Batiatus has for the games. He is argumentative, and frequently finds disagreement with Gaius Verres. He was an envoy sent by the Senate to replace the Sybilline with similar fortunetelling and oracular sayings. During this search he heard of the Getae witch Medea from his acquaintance Marcus Pelorus and was dispatched himself to Neapolis, accompanied by his manservant Tiro. After learning of Pelorus' demise, he lingered in Neapolis a while longer. After discovering the truth about the estate of Pelorus, he was nearly killed by gladiators sent by Timarchides and Verres for his support of Batiatus' claim.

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