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The Massacre at the House of Batiatus was a disaster that oc
Kill them all!

Massacre of The House of Batiatus.

curred during a political party hosted by Quintus Lentulus Batiatus, who was seeking patronage for his campaign for the title of Aedile.

The Massacre was orchestrated by Spartacus, with the help of several slaves and gladiators.


  1. Spartacus, suffering from a wound caused by his deceased friend Varro begins to have nightmares about his wife and the man, Aulus, who'd returned his wife to him. After recovering, Spartacus learns the truth of Sura's death through Aulus and thus plans his vengeance against Batiatus.
  2. Ashur and Batiatus plot to kill Magistrate Calavius and Solonius after being disrespected by both men for years. Ashur murders Calavius and lures Solonius into a trap. Solonius is then executed in the arena by Spartacus. Batiatus plans to become an Aedile by using the false support he gained from Calavius and Claudius Glaber to campaign for office. He hosts a party at his Villa with his gladiators putting on a show.
  3. Crixus, who had secretly been having an affair with Naevia, is forced to stand by as Ashur is gifted with Naevia for helping Batiatus. Losing his temper and attacking Ashur in front of Claudius Glaber, when Ashur begins to tauntingly touch her, leads to the revealing of their relationship to their Dominus and Lucretia. Naevia is then sent away to the Mines as her punishment but Crixus promises to fight for Naevia no matter the odds. Crixus' reputation gains assistance from his Gaulish brothers who will fight for him when ever he will fight. Spartacus needs his support.
  4. Oenomaus and the slaves are all treated with disrespect by Batiatus and the Soldiers guarding the villa. Although Oenomaus is promised freedom, he is still content with Batiatus leaving the life of a lanista. The ill-treatment the slaves received may have only given them a true cause to unite and work together.


Roman Side:

Glaber's Elite Guard

Slaves Side:


Initially, the party was coming to a close with the long awaited match between Spartacus and Crixus. It isn't until Crixus realizes that he is weakening that he has been poisoned. After this, Crixus propels Spartacus into the Villa where Spartacus attempts to kill Batiatus only to kill Sextus who had been pushed in the way by Batiatus. Ashur is accidentally pulled down into the Ludus by the dead Magistrate. Spartacus then again tries to kill Batiatus only to be stopped Doctore who swings his whip catching spartacus' arm preventing from moving and allowing batitaus to escape inside the ludus. Crixus then cuts the whip freeing Spartacus who jumps onto the balcony as doctore falls into the sand. 
Kill them all.

The start of the massacre by Spartacus.

Crixus then orders the gladiators to Kill Them All, speaking of the guards and roman soldiers in the ludus. Rhaskos leads the charge and the gladiator ram through the defense. The gladiators and soldiers battle with many of the gladiators quickly grabbing the shackle keys to free themselves making an even fight. The soldiers easily fall, giving the gladiators more weapons, but many gladiators are killed, especially by the Roman mercenary Iovis, who then tries to kill Crixus but is struck down when Oenomaus throws his sword, killing him instantly. The battle slows down as one last Roman soldier kills Duro but is then fell by Agron in the end.

In the villa, Spartacus cleaves through Batiatus' men with only a single sword and a free hand. Inside, Batiatus attempts to calm the Romans and secure the area with what men they have left. Inside, Mira opens the Villa gates and allows the gladiators inside. The gladiators begin killing the Roman people and soldiers.


Ilithyia sealing the doors.

Ilithyia leaves the villa with 4 of Glaber's guards, locking the villa doors from the outside leaving her fellow Romans to die including the magistrates wife Aemilia.

Batiatus defends himself against one of the gladiators and successfully kills the man after the gladiator kills Domitia. Batiatus is then separated from his wife. Lucretia tells Numerius and Aurelia to conceal themselves as she looks for Batiatus. 

Crixus finds Lucretia, looking to discover the whereabouts of Naevia. After she doesn't provide an answer, he stabs her in the womb killing the unborn baby which may have been Crixus' child.

Oenomaus confronts Ashur in the bath house over the death of Barca. Ashur reveals that everything from Barca's death to the party was all his idea and that everything he's done is because of the mistreatment he recieved. Oenomaus gives Ashur a chance to defend himself by throwing him a sword but Ashur is easily defeated by Oenomaus who stands uninjured. Knowing he cannot win, Ashur begs for a gladiator's death as a parting kindness. With his back to Oenomaus who readies to finish him however, Ashur quickly stabs his former teacher in the leg with a strigil and runs away from the enraged Oenomaus. Oenomaus screams for ashur as he goes through the ludus and does not ashur who hidden himself under the dead bodies of Roman soldiers and escapes with his life.

Aurelia and Numerius are left alone. After learning about the true cause of Varro's death, Aurelia attacks and kills Numerius with a knife, to avenge her late husband. Spartacus finds her stabbing the dead numerius and consoles as Oenomaus walks in horrified and asks "Is this not enough ?! How many more must die?! Spartacus replies "I would see but one". 

Numerius is killed by Aurelia.

In the end, Batiatus is surrounded by all his slaves and is confronted by Spartacus. Lucretia enters the room and collapses because of her wound from Crixus. After a brief scuffle and sharing some words, Spartacus cuts Batiatus' neck open, killing his master and letting him fall beside his dying wife.

The gladiators and the slaves finally leave The House of Batiatus forever, and begin their rebellion against Rome.


  • All of Batiatus' guards killed.
  • All but four, including Vesper, of Glaber's guards killed.
  • Ilithyia escapes.

    Spartacus, Gladiators and Slaves leaving the Ludus.

  • Almost all Roman attendees killed, including Batiatus.
  • Minor gladiator casualties (including Hamilcar and Duro).
  • Spartacus and Crixus lead the gladiators and slaves away from the ludus to live a free life.
  • Lucretia survives and is helped by Ashur who then leaves for a short time.
  • Ilithyia plots with Glaber to use the role of Praetor to gain favor with the Roman Republic.
  • Beginning of the Third Servile War.

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