First appearance Book 1: Swords and Ashes
Last appearance Book 1: Swords and Ashes
Profession Slave
Race Thracian
Relationships None
Status Deceased (Killed by the Sardinian Boy)

Medea was a Getae witch and oracle. After being enslaved, she is purchased by Marcus Pelorus.


Medea is described multiple times as being shapely with dark eyes, having a regular network of scars and tattoos all over her left side of her body. She had fang-shaped zigzags on her left cheek and red ocher tendrils reaching across her face and forehead.

Swords and AshesEdit

Medea once fought the in the army of the Getae, facing off against the tribes of the Maedi. She fought Spartacus' army in the winter forests by the Istros. After being captured Roman legionaries, she was brought to Bithynian markets where she was bought Syrian slavers. She was purchased from the Syrians by Marcus Pelorus, who was searching for Thracian women being sold by Syrians, as a favor for his friend Quintus Lentulus Batiatus. It was Batiatus' search for Sura that led to Medea's purchase and journey to Neapolis. Medea was almost sexually assaulted by Gaius Verres at the party of Marcus Pelorus. She incapacitated Gaius and Successa after her cell was opened, and slit the throat of Pelorus after knocking over Marcus Porcius. She was sentenced to die in the arena against lions, along with her fellow house slaves, but was saved after the intervention of Spartacus and Varro. She was an integral part to the dispute between Verres and Batiatus over the estate of Pelorus, and after being nearly killed by a gladiator from the House of Pelorus (sent by Verres), she was placed in Spartacus' care. Spartacus discovered Verres' plot, and was dragged by Spartacus to the docks of Neapolis. She was killed by the Sardinian Boy, trying to defend Spartacus, and gave one final foretelling. Her final words were of Spartacus, "Unto your beasts of burden, Thracian manumission. And as a legion hell-bound, violent expedition. Across great Greece's heel and toe, the fires shall spread. A final Saturnalia, to seven hills imperiled dread."

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