This article is about the term "missio". For the episode of the same name, see Missio.

Spartacus Using Misso during the games of Vulcanalia.

The term "missio" refers to the sign that a gladiator may give when they cede a fight to their opponent. It serves as both an acknowledgement of defeat and a plea for mercy.

A gladiator performing missio would raise either hand with their middle and index fingers together and the remainder of their fingers clenched.

The fight's victor is expected to accept and cease combat at once, turning to the match's editor for judgment as to whether to execute their defeated opponent or not. The editor's mercy relies on how well the gladiator fought, poor fighters being mainly being rejected while those who pleased the crowd being allowed to live.

Proud gladiators may see the act of "giving missio" as a mark of shame as it means they have given into the fear of death.

Gladiators seen to give the MissioEdit


Lentulus Batiatus chastising one of his Gladiators for presenting the missio gesture.


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