First appearance S2E05: Libertus
Last appearance S2E05: Libertus
Profession Gladiator
Race Roman
Relationships None
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)
Actor/Actress Shayne Blaikie
Mycter is one of the gladiators who fights in the arena for the honor of executing Crixus, Oenomaus, and Rhaskos.

Character OutlineEdit

Mycter fights in the style of Samnite. He wears a plumed helmet and protective breastplate, and carries a gladius and large rectangular shield.


Mycter is matched in battle against the murmillo Abiron, whom he defeats and kills.

Mycter, having earned his place in the primus of the games, battles alongside Gannicus and his fellow gladiator executioners in combat against Crixus, and Rhaskos. He slays and kills Rhaskos after a fellow gladiator has snared him in his net, but is wounded by Crixus. He is soon after killed by Spartacus when he enters the fray, slashing the Samnite actross his unprotected throat before he can engage him in battle.


  • He is the only character in the series shown to fight in the style of Samnite. Though never confirmed by an appearance in the arena, it is likely that Lydon was also a Samnite gladiator.
  • Mycter is played by Shayne Blaikie, who is more widely recognized for portraying The Veteran.
  • The name Mycter may be a nickname, as its actually the Greek word for 'nose'. The gladiator appears to have sustained some damage to his nose, as he has wrapped a bandage around his face.


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