Neapolis Slaver
First appearance S0E04: Beneath the Mask
Last appearance S2E07: Sacramentum
Profession Slaver
Race Roman
Relationships None
Status Deceased (Killed by Sedullus)
Actor/Actress Stephen Ure

The Neapolis Slaver is a charcater seen twice, once in the episode Beneath the Mask in Gods of the Arena, and again in the episode Sacramentum in Vengeance.

The Neapolis Slaver is a small and slightly-built man in his middle ages, seen dressed in scruffy robes and a round leather cap and has a long scraggily beard.

He has twice appeared in the port of Neapolis. In Beneath the Mask, he tried to sell some Thracian slaves to a visiting Titus and Quintus Batiatus, who had a low opinion of his stock. Later, in Sacramentum, Spartacus, Agron and Lucius Caelius would pose as merchants in order to purchase a group of recently captured Germans kept in the hold of the Slaver's ship. When their ruse was recognized by one of the Slaver's guards, who understood the exchange between the Germanic Agron and Sedullus, the rebels and captive Germans joined forces to overpower the crew. The Slaver was killed by Sedullus, who strangled him with his chains.


  • If the port-city of Neapolis was truly the hometown of the Slaver, he may have been of Greek ethnicity. The city of Neapolis in Campania (modern Naples) was founded by colonists from the Greek island of Euboea as early as the 9th century BCE and was the foremost centre of Classical Greek culture in central Italy.
  • The Latin word for merchant was Mercator. In Greek a merchant was called an Emporos (source for the word emporium).
  • Slave-traders were called Mercatoriam Mancipium in Latin. Or Douloi Emporoi in Greek.

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