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First appearance S0E01: Past Transgressions (mentioned)
Last appearance S0E01: Past Transgressions (mentioned)
Profession Merchant
Race Roman
Relationships Tullius (Friend, deceased)
Status Unknown (presumed active)
Actor/Actress None
Nestor is a friend and business partner of Tullius.

Character OutlineEdit

Tullius and Batiatus meet in his shop to discuss purchase of Gannicus and the opening games.


  • Nestor's name suggests that he is of Greek heritage, and if he is a Roman citizen, he may come from one of the Greek cities in the Italian Peninsula such as Neapolis, Tarentum, Croton or Rhegium.


Tullius: "Join me at Nestor's shop after the market closes and we shall discuss your man at length."

Quintus Lentulus Batiatus: "But why would you want a gladiator? You are not a lanista." Tullius: "Jupiter's cock, no. Yet I have many vested interests in shipping, goods and services, this very shop . . .and young Vettius' ludus.

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