Numerius' Thracian Knife

Spartacus holding Numerius' Thracian knife.

Numerius' Thracian Knife was a blade that Numerius had bought from the Capua Marketplace.


A knife, about 9 inches long from tip to hilt, with a 6 inch blade. It had several notches in the hilt, this was a tradition of Thracian warriors, they would cut one notch for each person they killed.

Blood and SandEdit

Delicate ThingsEdit

After Spartacus' victory over Theokoles in the previous episode, Numerius could talk of nothing else and demanded his father take him to buy something from Thrace in Spartacus' honor. Numerius found this knife and bought it.

When Magistrate Titus Calavius and Numerius run into Batiatus who is shopping for new armor after Spartacus' victory, Titus explains and urges Numerius to show the knife. Spartacus inspects the knife and explains the notches in the hilt, before inviting Numerius to come and train with him at Batiatus' ludus.

Later that day, Calavius and Numerius arrive at the ludus to take up the offer. Spartacus practices with Numerius, who slowly gets frustrated at his lack of skill. Spartacus says that he should remove his belt which the Thracian knife is inside, so that he can move about easier as it was hindering his movement. In reality, Spartacus is attempting to steal the knife to aid in his escape from the ludus after Sura is returned to him. Numerius does so and they continue to fight until interrupted by a messenger with news of Ovidius' son. Titus quickly leaves with Numerius, who forgets his belt. Spartacus quickly reminds him and hands it over, but manage to pickpocket the knife in doing so.

The next day, as Sura arrives, Spartacus puts on his armor to greet her. As he does so he comes across the knife and has one last think about if he wants to go through with his plan. He hears a guard shout and with that he pushes the knife up his sleeve, hidden from sight. He exits his cell and takes notes of the guards' positions before walking over to Batiatus, readying his knife as he goes. Oenomaus had awoken sooner than Spartacus expected and whip in hand he heads in Spartacus' direction. Just as Oenomaus reaches Spartacus who in turn reaches Batiatus, they all notice the carriage driver is injured. He begins speaking of what happened and Spartacus immediately forgets his plan, replaces the knife and tends to his wife.

Great and Unfortunate ThingsEdit

Spartacus sits in his cell, playing with the Knife. Varro enters and warns Spartacus that having it out is dangerous. He tells him to toss the knife over the cliff.

The next day, just before the games to honor Marcus Minucius Rufus' victory over the Thracians, Batiatus visits Spartacus in his cell. Spartacus presents the knife to Batiatus as a good will gesture, and promises to fight for the house of Batiatus now that he has no other reason to live. Batiatus says that Spartacus words give his heart great joy, enough not to question why he has the knife of the magistrate's son. 

After this it is unknown what happened to the knife.

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