First appearance S2E05: Libertus
Last appearance S2E08: Balance
Profession Brothel owner
Race Roman
Relationships Marcia (Employee, deceased)
Despoina (Employee, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Glaber)
Actor/Actress Stephen Papps
Ovillus is a Roman bartender and the owner of the bar & brothel in Capua.


Ovillus is atypical for a Roman in terms of appearance. Unlike most Romans, he keeps his facial hair in the style of a modestly thick beard and appears to be balding.


A man who seeks coin only, Ovillus is a man who is more than willing to extort coin from others and is not so easily swindled. He is very rude against those who cannot pay for what he offers, but also ensures that his prostitutes are not harmed, but also do their job.


Ovillus is seen for the first time when the free roman citizen Gannicus took part in the pleasures of the Capua Bar & Brothel, particularily in one of his slave-prostitutes, Marcia.

His bar is often visited by very dangerous men, such as Abrax, which is why Ashur came to Ovillus' establishment in the first place.
Spartacus2x08 0454

Glaber killed Ovillus

While he attempts to throw out a drunk who cannot pay, Praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber, Ashur and his mercenaries arrive in search of Gannicus. Ovillus and everyone else remains silent until one of Ovillus' slaves is brought to possible harm. He explains how Marcia had often been with Gannicus, but that Ashur crucified her. He then attempts to force Glaber to pay him the cost of the his losses, but the Praetor is brought to anger and he then kills Ovillus.

Not long afterwards, the employees and patrons are all questioned, and killed, by Ashur's Group.

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